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#4 Spacing and Pacing #Obsidiscope #CopywritingTips

I have been broadcasting on Periscope all this week, sharing some copywriting tips for beginners. You can start using them to improve your copy today! 504 more words


6 Website Copywriting Tips

Digital marketing is one part artistry, creating concise messaging, and one part science, using proven truths about how the web functions. While some people are better at content creation than others, these are a few tips and tricks that all digital marketers can use to improve their website copywriting. 382 more words

Digital Marketing

16 Joe Sugarman Quotes for your Copywriting Success

“Get the reader to say yes and harmonize with your accurate and truthful statements while reading the copy.”
– Joe Sugarman

“Your readers should be so compelled to read your copy that they cannot stop reading until they read all of it as if sliding down a slippery slope.” 431 more words

Betwixt and Between Books-Freelancing

The Day 25 prompt is: If your goal is to sell books, you must view your book as a business. In what ways do you treat your book as a business? 395 more words

Publishers Comments

#3 Brain Constipation - The dreaded writer's block! #Obsidiscope #CopywritingTips

Welcome back to my series of beginner’s copywriting tips that you can start using today. Today we go head to head with writer’s block!

Welcome back to ObsidiScope brought to you by Jenii Lowe (that’s me), bringing you my top copywriting tips for beginners. 462 more words


To subscribe or unsubscribe

Ah, the email newsletter sign up box. That oh so simple (supposedly), yet important bit of copy for conversion. You want to get into their inbox. 74 more words


Mindmap: ordenen van informatie en gedachten

Mindmapping – dat is toch dat rare schrijven en tekenen op een groot vel papier? Alles een kleurtje geven en verbanden aangeven met lijntjes? Je denkt dat mensen die dit doen gek zijn, alleen in beelden denken of Pietje Precies zijn op het gebied van organisatie.  337 more words