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Should you do your own writing for your business?

A core part of my business is running a wide range of workshops that help people improve how they write within a variety of business settings. 837 more words


EVB (Evolution Bureau)

Oakland, CA (outside of San Fran) and Boulder, CO

deadline  = April 1st

Send sites to Jill Olson – jill.olson@evb.com

Make sure to note what internship you are interested in terms of discipline and location. 73 more words

Art Direction

It’s OK. Everything will be amazing.

There are lots of things I love about writing for a living: The joy of blurting out whatever you want to say on to a blank page, the intensity of getting lost in your research regarding all manner of new subjects and the sound of the words that you read aloud in your head as you write them. 322 more words

Content Writing

IKEA Catalogue 2016

Hey I am back again. Another day another brief…that’s how it goes right?

Anyway, here is the latest college project.

This time it is from tag team: Clara Traynor (me) and Lisa O Hanlon. 16 more words


Tossing Coins? Making Medical Decisions in 2015

Gone is the era when suffering patients accepted medical diagnosis and prognosis with unquestioning obedience, but that means a whole new dilemma.

Given the complexity of information now available, how can the sick and elderly make informed decisions about their medical treatment? 553 more words

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Writing Exercise: Working on Your 'Literal' Fitness

Did you know your creative mind works just like your body’s muscles? Exercise it often enough, and you’ll notice your skills will start to grow. New ideas will come to you spontaneously – and your brain will begin to work away in the background, even when you’re focused on other things (like driving, for instance). 305 more words


Jasa Membuat Nama

Anda sedang berencana membuka usaha baru? atau meluncurkan produk baru? Kesulitan membuat nama untuk usaha dan produk baru tersebut? Hubungi namSlog di 0878 8 5454 182 – naming and slogan specialist -