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amazing ECD there – bobby hershfield – look him up

looking for AD, CW, and xD interns

deadline = April 3

internship runs June 12  – Aug 4… 13 more words

Art Direction

Hyphens, En Dashes, Em Dashes — And How to Use Them

Hyphens, en dashes, em dashes — oh my! Let’s get the three versions of the dash straight once and for all. 945 more words

K.L. Wightman

In a world fascinated by the unicorn designer that is a coding savant, I want to call on designers to pay closer attention to something else: words.

11 more words

10 Most Irritating Customer Experiences!

Bad customer experience is something most companies work to avoid. Businesses depend on happy customers in order to reach or maintain a level of success. There are so many common mistakes that companies tend to make within the customer experience space, and these are the top 10: 1,012 more words


It started with this damn books...(Just in case you have writer blocks)

I’m not the kind of person who write by the rule. I’m not the kind of person who write base on structure or template. It is not for me. 326 more words


Why I Bought These 3 Things?

This question was brought by a few friends in facebook. Everybody tried to figure out. By knowing why people buy, the message will deliver more effectively. 305 more words


Learning Copywriting Fundamental is Pain! But It’s Worth It.

I read many books on copywriting. I learned many steps. Also, guru used to teach me to use the template. It’s awesome. I wrote it smoothly. 286 more words