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Traveling the World is what Freelancers can do...Are you willing..find out how?

Travel writers are wanted nowadays and you can enjoy the benefits of a travel writer.  Want to learn more?  Definitely its the best kinda of jobs to have today.  107 more words


How Does Your Brand Create Desire?

The blank page is not your enemy, instead, it is a welcome mat for your playful words to perform a dance, which will enlighten, entertain, inform and uplift your audience to perform a specific action. 688 more words

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Chipotle Adds a Different Flare to Eating Out

What’s better for a picky eater than choosing exactly what goes into your food? Chipotle caters to every kind of eater with it’s buffet-style, where you can pick what goes into your burrito or burrito bowl, and how much of it goes in. 75 more words


LUSH Cosmetics Create New Standard in Bath Products

Most people don’t think about what they’re using when they throw some bubble bath in a tub or spreading cream on their face with ingredients they can’t pronounce. 110 more words


Apple Watch Brings Accessibility to a New Level

We found ease with having the world in the palm of our hand, but what advantages would we gain if we had the same access to this information at the flick of the wrist? 90 more words


Legal Blogging: Are You Writing the Wrong Blog Topics?

With over 7,000 legal blogs currently on the Internet, it is clear that legal blogging is alive and well. In fact, for the better part of a decade, law firms have incorporated blogs as a means of bringing in high-quality clients. 720 more words