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Copywriting for Casio

This month I took on a huge project to rewrite Casio’s Edifice website. Translated from Japanese, their web copy needed a lot of work and a shot of personality. 105 more words


Qualities of a Good Copywriter

Creative Copywriting Qualities

So you want to be a copywriter…

To see whether this career is a good fit for you, it may be a good idea to look at what sort of qualities a good copywriter has in order to do a brilliant job at making good copy. 490 more words

7 Tips for Writing Bullet Points

7 Expert Tips for Writing Bullet Points That Sell by Karon Thackston

What are the two most-read sections of any piece of copy? The title and the bullets.

225 more words

Christian Business or Individual

When you want to write something appealing to your customer or just to your friends, it does make a difference. You want something eye catching  to your customer and you want to draw them to your business site to make a purchase. 150 more words

Are you being boring? Or does your writing pack a punch?

Here’s a question: when was the last time a piece of business writing – whether copy on a website, an advertising campaign or a press release – really grabbed your attention? 530 more words


Calling ALL Ad Men.

Its as I sit here at four minutes past eleven on a Thursday evening that I find myself exhausted from dreaming of an industry that I long to work in. 379 more words