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Niche Research Secrets Finally Exposed

How to quickly research a large population to define a single avatar in the next 22-minutes using Facebook audience insights and our keen experience. This only works before everyone else figures it out! 12 more words

Editor's Corner

Consistency: How Much Is Too Much?

Carol Fisher Saller

In writing and editing, consistency is assumed to be a good thing. A publication looks unprofessional when a name is spelled more than one way, a number is only sometimes spelled out, or a subheading doesn’t reflect its level of importance. 274 more words


Selling with Stories #3: Game of Thrones

OR: How Story Tickles Our Attention Span

You may have come across TL;DR. It’s one of the most common acronyms on the interweb. You’ll often see it below long, earnest Facebook posts. 410 more words

Book club: aliens and wankers

Observant, Maastricht, 21 May 2015

When you move someplace new in your twenties, you make friends by getting drunk. In your thirties, you join a book club. 358 more words

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Two marketers walk into a bar and laugh at Linkedin posts...

If you spend any time on LinkedIn you’ll understand how the posts into the news feed are changing the way LinkedIn appears – more like Facebook or Instagram than a business media channel. 165 more words



We all know the power of words. The saying, ‘sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you,’ isn’t true. You just have to read the media to see how articles can make or break celebrities, to see what I mean. 578 more words