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Corals of the Caribbean: Yellow-Band Tales

Halo’s on Reefs…Could this be a sign of the angels coming to save the coral reefs in the Caribbean? Wrong.

My previous posts have focused on diseases that affect corals in the Caribbean and as you may have deduced from the similarity in the titles, this one will be no different. 1,013 more words

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Can We Help Corals Evolve to Survive Global Warming?

With ocean temperatures rising and coral bleaching events becoming more and more common, attempts to reduce or reverse climate change may seem to be too little too late, and we are left wondering if there is anything that can be done to save the coral reefs. 1,081 more words

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What Next for Deep Water Corals?

So deep water coral reefs are a thing, and they’re being threatened by human action, but what comes next? We are far from knowing everything about these hidden forests of biodiversity and even farther from adequately protecting them from the damage we’re inflicting on them. 412 more words

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ENSOs of The Future: The Necessity of Diligence

In the years to come, understanding the effects of El Niño-Southern Oscillation events on coral reefs is instrumental to preserving the beauty and function of these valuable oceanic resources. 636 more words

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4.18.2017 Flash flood left more sediment and eroded beach at Pelekane Bay

visitor on new sediment in Pelekane Bay

Beach erosion from flash flood

Beach erosion

Erosion patterns

Recent flash flood from rain storm on April 18, 2017, added more sediment to Pelekane Bay and eroded its beach. 20 more words

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Coral Reefs: Guardians of the Coast

One aspect we typically don’t think about with regards to how coastal economies survive, is the longevity of the land itself. Beaches and other coastal areas are constantly changing under erosion, and if these places do not receive the proper protection, the land could disappear over time, taking with it many people’s livelihoods. 485 more words

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Artificial Reefs and Ways to Take Action

Richard Branson, controversial British business magnate and founder of the Virgin Group, is already known for his massive, unorthodox, and multi-million dollar projects. The billionaire has attempted to commercialize civilian space travel, broken records for hot-air ballooning, and he has just completed his latest project: creating an artificial reef using a historic ship complete with an 80-ft kraken sculpture. 944 more words

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