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Turtle Island

“Our ocean, our responsibility.”

My adventures in veterinary medicine continue with 3 weeks on Koh Tao (“Turtle Island”). We’ve partnered with the New Heaven Dive Shop and their reef conservation experts to learn about marine wildlife and conservation. 656 more words


Fiber Painting #2 Finished

Here is #2 finished.  I removed the thin gauzy silk material which was originally covering this piece because I felt the whiteness, which became more opaque as the silk dried, dulled the colors too much.   195 more words

Art : Drawing; Painting; Fiber; Etc.

Be Wary of the New Fish in Town

Many aquariums boast exhibits of exotic fish from faraway places. While these may seem like harmless attractions behind the glass, these fish don’t always stay behind glass. 758 more words

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Corals of the Caribbean: White Band’s Ghost

Coral reefs are resilient yet gentle ecosystems that are affected by several diseases. They have overtaken the Caribbean reefs and have become a serious deteriorating factor.  800 more words

Coral Reefs Blog

El Niños Past and Present

While it is clear that the current ENSO-driven mass bleaching event has been devastating and widespread, to put it in perspective, it’s essential to look back and compare it to similar incidents in the past. 617 more words

Coral Reefs Blog

Coral Reefs

Last night I watched a PBS News Hour special report on coral reefs.

The situation is worse than I thought.

Here are some excerpts:

“Half the size of Texas, spanning 1,400 miles, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on the planet. 227 more words

Climate Change

Can Climate Change Cause Diseases in Our Coral Reefs?

Corals are living organisms and as such they are susceptible to diseases. High temperatures can affect the severity of diseases. High temperature is a stressor and as such it can decrease an organisms immune response and increase the virulence of a pathogen. 1,120 more words

Coral Reefs Blog