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where not to snorkel in puerto rico

I don’t know if Puerto Rico is really known for their snorkeling. I’m sure they’ve got some amazing reefs somewhere but unfortunately, Icacos Island by Fajardo was not one of these places. 181 more words


Coral Reefs are Vulnerable, But Not Dying

Last week, Outside Magazine published an “Obituary for the Great Barrier Reef,” pronouncing the world’s largest coral reef system officially dead. This clickbait headline, designed to draw attention to the disastrous bleaching event that wiped out 22 percent of the reef this year – according to a survey from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority – instead created widespread social media panic, as many people mistook the somewhat sarcastic article for an actual death sentence. 678 more words


The silent battle of young corals against ocean acidification

Break submission by Taryn Foster, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Earth and Environment, The University of Western Australia, Australia

Coral reefs are ecosystems of extraordinary diversity. 801 more words

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Doodle-Ventures: for the love of Nemo

All this news over the last few days of the Great Barrier Reef’s slow painful death is so heartbreaking. That ghostly corpse of a dead/dying reef is hard to look at … plus, I heard it reeks! 344 more words

500 Drawing Prompts

Microplastics impact our environment and our lives.

Plastic Never Disappears

Since the early 1900’s, plastic has become a part of our everyday lives; some are useful and beneficial to us such as reusable water bottles and tupperware. 773 more words


New coral(s). Sneak peak.

I bought week ago a new coral (Acanthastrea bowerbanki). It is doing well and today I managed to get few pictures of it. Shoot under my modded led with t5 bulbs. 31 more words