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F.Y.B.Sc. Geography Sem-II Paper-II Chapter-V Notes

F.Y.B.Sc. Geography Sem-II Paper-II Climatology and Oceanography Chapter-V Oceanography and Submarine Relief

It Includes the Following Topics

  • Introduction
  • Definitions of Oceanography
  • Submarine Relief: Definitions and Types…
  • 47 more words

El Nido: The uninhabited, paradise islands of the Philippines

Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to fly to the Philippines on a media trip. Here’s the first story in a series documenting my experiences there. 1,482 more words

Travel Writing

Hidden Gems: Cambodia's Previously Unexplored Reefs Revealed

Whilst undertaking vital underwater surveys in the expansive waters between Sihanoukville’s coast and Malaysia, divers from Save Cambodian Marine Life (SCML) and Koh Rong Dive Center have discovered some hidden gems. 303 more words


Getting lyrical with ClimateKeys

By the time 5:30pm rolled around Tuesday night, the 40 people chatting in Syracuse University London’s auditorium were doing so comfortably. Thanks to Cashew Catering… 726 more words

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Multifaceted Fish With A Beak

There are a group of around 95 fish species found mainly in coral reefs, rocky coastal areas etc. These are distinct from other fishes because of their peculiar dentition. 382 more words

Aquatic Creatures

Blue Planet/ Dead Planet?

I was persuaded to watch ‘Blue Planet II” (BBC1). It’s packed with beautiful film of gorgeous and strange living things, some so strange that they are almost unbelievable. 193 more words



Mid-Service Milestone

A Peace Corps volunteers service is filled with many milestones during their 27 months. These often also are given some sort of acronym, as most things in Peace Corps. 713 more words