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Of The Forward Coraline the Secret Door Custom Kids

When you are looking for a backpack, chances are that you have many choices available. There are backpacks for camping, ones for travelling and ones for… 354 more words

The Time Neil Gaiman Invented a G. K. Chesterton Quote

All this talk of quotations puts me in mind of a very famous one, supposedly by G. K. Chesterton. No doubt you’ve seen it floating around Pinterest, Twitter, etc. 254 more words

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Say "Bye-Bye"

Through a good amount of grace, giving, and pure luck, I have found child care for Coraline. Or, rather, it found me, really.

I’ve had a hard time lately. 887 more words

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I went to Wawa before going into the gym, to pick up a Fiber One bar, and a bottle of Propel. An aesthetically hippie party bus was parked outside, with curtains in the windows. 739 more words

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Studio Laika's Mixed Bag (Of Perfection)

Upon the release of Coraline back in 2009 two thoughts occurred to me:

  • Didn’t Tim Burton direct Nightmare Before Christmas?

  • This is going to be a cash in on Nightmare’s following.

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An In-Depth Article about a prolific fairy-tale genre bender

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors. His ability to capture characters in such a way that the reader begins to analyze the personality as well as the surrounding plot is amazing. 88 more words

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Coraline bu şirin kasabada yaşayan güzel hamarat elli kızlardan biri.
Tatlı sanatına düşkünlüğü ile kendini ön plana atan bu yerinde duramayan kız tarçın ve çıkolata ile harikalar yaratıyor. 181 more words