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Plant Identification

I just want to know

As a firm believer in science and somewhat of a compulsive about classifying and ordering things, I have this odd dissatisfaction with how… 578 more words


In the beginning

So first things first. The why. Besides the obvious, (plants impress me a great deal), there was a growing dissatisfaction with existing information out there related to plants. 268 more words


Six on Saturday

It’s been a month since my last ‘six’ round-up; there aren’t enough new happenings on the postage stamp for more regular updates.  Anyhow, what’s been growing since your last visit? 342 more words


It's almost summer, and the cactus are blooming

I’ve had cactus as houseplants for less than 5 years, so I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject. As outdoor landscape plants, my expertise shrinks to even shorter time periods that I don’t care to share with the general public. 306 more words


The Weather Is Better... at Larnach Castle!

While the weather here in the Pacific Northwest  is still frosty, I’ve been thinking fondly of the cool, wet fall I enjoyed in New Zealand. One of the more blustery days on the east coast of the south island was spent at Larnach Castle. 480 more words


Go beyond aloes and agaves

Aloes and agaves are admittedly awesome. So are the more unsung heroes of the water wise world such as aeoniums, echeverias, euphorbias, … 251 more words


Plant List for 2017

We are sure it’s not a phenomenon restricted to the world of horticulture, but around this time of year we are always of the mindset that next year is going to be the best year ever, with the best plants ever, the best everything ever ….. 213 more words