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The Weather Is Better... at Larnach Castle!

While the weather here in the Pacific Northwest  is still frosty, I’ve been thinking fondly of the cool, wet fall I enjoyed in New Zealand. One of the more blustery days on the east coast of the south island was spent at Larnach Castle. 480 more words


Go beyond aloes and agaves

Aloes and agaves are admittedly awesome. So are the more unsung heroes of the water wise world such as aeoniums, echeverias, euphorbias, … 251 more words


Plant List for 2017

We are sure it’s not a phenomenon restricted to the world of horticulture, but around this time of year we are always of the mindset that next year is going to be the best year ever, with the best plants ever, the best everything ever ….. 213 more words

Cordyline After The Rain

Photograph taken November 2016, rear garden, Staffordshire. © Pete Hillman 2016. Camera used Nikon D7200, with Nikon 18-55mm lens.


Buku Tentang Daun

Daun itu seperti ibu, karena dia memasak (fotosintesa) untuk pohon. Daun juga seperti hari-hari yang kita jalani, lembar yang kita tuliskan dan pada saatnya gugur, pada saat kita melepaskan.

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Cordyline Flower

Cordyline fruticosa 

Beautiful deep red plant, edged with pink. Elegant arching shape. Very popular with landscapers as it tolerates full sun. Add gorgeous pops of colour to your garden.

On This Day

Cabbage... Kiwi Style

If there were one plant that I could think of to describe New Zealand, it would be the cordyline. Known to normal people as Cabbage Trees or Cabbage Palms, this semi frost hardy monocot (plant with only one embryonic leaf, as opposed to the other option of having two) dots nearly every single type of kiwi landscape. 1,016 more words