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Core Connections 2 (CC2)

In math class we were able to create our own math board game. It connected to the curriculum because we were able to review many subjects as we were doing this project. 86 more words

Core Connections

Core Connections

This connected to the curriculum because we were  learning about fractions and how to solve problems with fractions.  I finished this project individually and had 2 weeks to finish it.  70 more words

Portfolio 2014

Strategic Networking: Discovering Points of Connection

I’m passionate about connecting people with the organization, person or opportunity to better their life in any area, being purposeful putting people together in the area they need. 356 more words

Effective Networking

Building your "Dream Team" for success: Finding Core Connections.

Have you ever wondered why you were once close with certain people that you went to school with or you lived close to then once you graduated or moved away you were no longer close with these people? 301 more words

Effective Networking

Area and Perimeter Book

  • My project was the Area & Perimeter Book
  • This was a five page project that is about the basics of area and perimeter.
  • The curriculum was learning and teaching area & perimeter.
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Core Connections

Fraction Book

The best project I have done in Math was the fraction book.

What I learned while doing it was the steps for multiplying, dividing, subtracting and adding fractions. 28 more words

Core Connections

Spring Break Fraction Book

My Best Project for Math is the Spring Break Fraction Book

This was completed on April 9,2014 and this project was for Ms. Saldana for Core Connections/Math… 159 more words

Core Connections