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WordCamp UK 2010 Presentation - Core Plugins

This morning I did a short presentation on core plugins at WordCamp UK.  It ended up quite short with a long Q&A session with great feedback from the audience.  Here are the sides:


Core Plugin Infrastructure Update

Just a quick update on where we stand with the infrastructure for core plugin development. The mailing lists are currently being used and it looks like they should be able to scale fine. 153 more words


Core Plugin Infrastructure

As many of you know, last Thursday’s dev chat resulted in a core plugins research team team (for lack of a better term). Basically, our job is to try to come up with a list of tools that should be supplied for all core plugins, in order to allow teams of developers to be effective and efficient. 289 more words


In yesterday's dev chat, a number of peo...

In yesterday’s dev chat, a number of people volunteered to help with projects for 3.0. We agreed that each team will post weekly updates here on wpdevel so that the community can keep up with the progress and weigh in on decisions as they come up. 704 more words