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3 Common Myths Network Marketers Experience

3 Common Myths Network Marketers Experience

I recently learned that there are three common myths network marketers experience at Ray Higdon’s Personal Branding and Marketing Bootcamp. 179 more words


Journal #197 - Irritable Morning But Productive Day

I woke up actually feeling fine and went to work feeling fine. However, after I sat down at my desk and wanted to start working on my task for the day, I began to feel irritated for no reason. 576 more words

Personal Journal

Core Values, Personal Convictions and Generalized Beliefs

I’ve known Christians, Ministry leaders, Pastors and spiritual ministers all my life.  See I was raised in a pastor’s home.  My dad was a preacher for 30 plus years and we were in church, usually 2 to 3 times a week.   2,142 more words

Tiger-ness teaching at home, a strong core value

I was going through my Instagram when a video of Shakira the Latin singer came out. Its not one of her performance video but it was an interview of her life with… 662 more words


Do You Have a Learning Culture?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but notice how cultivating a ‘culture of learning’ is growing in importance in our organizations.  The formats available cover the gamut from one-on-one coaching and traditional classroom to ‘on demand’ online training, team-based, learning management systems, net forums, and blogs. 744 more words


The Core Value

31. Core Value

My core value…This one has been such an interesting one to think/write about, because I think that I have a few different types on core values depending on the situation. 144 more words


Do not quit

Honor, courage, commitment.  These are the Navy and Marine Corps core values.

People often struggle with finding meaning in these words.  The hang up is sometimes that people try to put them in the context of the military.   273 more words