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Study on Current Public Opinion in Vietnam Based on Universally Value System and Core Values Approach

Read  full  paper  at:http://www.scirp.org/journal/PaperInformation.aspx?PaperID=53933#.VNxjoSzQrzE

The history of Vietnam Country’s formation and defense through thousands of years has been summarized in the modern society’s objective value systems that are: independence, freedom, happiness, prosperous people and strong country, democracy, justice, and civilization. 381 more words

Safety and Environmental Stewardship in the Wild

Every once in a while you catch that perfect glimpse of what makes the northeast so special. This photo, taken in northeastern Pennsylvania by a member of Williams’ environmental team, reflects the precious natural environment in which we work. 46 more words

2014 The Way Church Review Video | The Way 教會 2014年回顧影片

Thank you God for a wonderful year of 2014. It’s a small beginning and we have taken a few steps, yet we know that it is You who are paving The Way.

謝謝神所賜的2014年,微小的開始,緩慢的起步,但我們知道是你親自建造The Way Church

Diary | 宣教日記

FINAL PROJECT EXAMPLE: discussing values & philosophies

Hello,  intermediate DV class of Session 1314 at ALPS :D

This is an example of  the written part of your final project according to the directions given to you in class. 814 more words

Teacher Megan

- Our Core Values: What they really mean to us -

Written by Brittney Ramsay

At Britt Land we talk about core values…a lot. But it doesn’t stop there, we live them out on a daily basis, acknowledging when we see others on the team living them out, giving out kudos and taking them into the community. 271 more words

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Creative vs. Creativity

Being “creative” is thought of as differently than having “creativity” as a skill.

A core identity versus a tool to use.

This is at the core of why people separate the arts from, well, everything else. 267 more words

Know Yourself And Your Value

Above all, successful entrepreneurs are self-aware. After analyzing this piece may help to ask questions about yourself that you have not asked before hence take advantage of this! 530 more words