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Focus on "GIVING BACK"

Did you know…Custom Photo Props is not just about providing amazing photographers with the most awesome newborn props around.  Our core value is giving back so we are super active in our local community and many others throughout the world! 116 more words

Newborn Props

January Musings

Why do people have different feelings about what is important and what isn’t? Why are there so many different views as to what is fair and what is unfair?   555 more words


When Brands Struggle: A Quick Fix is a Fast Fail

In times of struggle (like, say, during the 2007 recession), brands often seek a quick fix to remain in the game. For Outback Steakhouse, this involved… 551 more words

God is moving | 神正在動工

(English follows)
The Way教會這週非常忙碌XD

再是今天週六9/12,我們兩名宣教士參加The Cry禱告活動,跟來自加拿大各地超過八百名基督徒一起禱告。這是2002年The Cry活動開始舉辦起,第一次來到蒙特婁。對於接連一週先有GU十週年特會,週日Heidi Beker宣教士來到蒙特婁,再來是週三伯特利敬拜之夜,最後是週六The Cry禱告,我們不會說這只是碰巧、巧合,我們知道這絕對是上帝的精心安排。自抵達蒙特婁,我們更多為這個神所愛的城市屬靈氣氛禱告,先後做過行走禱告、路過其他教會時喚醒天使的禱告,9/8開始的21天禁食禱告,而發生在這短短一週的聚會們正像是上帝回應我們(及過去到現在為此禱告的很多人),祂確實在大大翻轉蒙特婁、魁北克與加拿大的屬靈氣氛!

我最激動的噴淚時刻是,當台上牧師要所有人一起大喊復興Revival,並講出”上帝的榮耀要降臨在蒙特婁”時,榮耀是The Way教會的核心價值之一,是上帝給教會的異象之一,也是現在我們臉書設立的banner,上帝,Let YOUR glory fall!

We had a fruitful week here at The Way Church. 226 more words


World Vision Core Values (Summarized by Asuna)

World Vision International

We believe in Jesus Christ and follow his footprint to deliver the good information from god. We believe that all life is equal because god created and loved us equally. 179 more words


Ouch... This One Hurts.

Ouch… This One Hurts!

Today I “lost”.
One of the top prospective clients in the nation chose a competitor over me & my firm. And this one hurts.  182 more words


Growing up, I was under the impression that changing jobs frequently was frowned upon. My parents were both very stable in their roles for many years. 483 more words