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The Value of Care: Important or not in socializing children and young people?

Every child and young person needs care. The CARE Therapeutic Framework – A Secure Start® Program diagram details a framework for Care. In today’s world is the value of Care losing it’s importance? 9 more words

Core Values

Don't forget me...

Based on the recent ​marketing activity in the whole world, I think it`s very important to say that we need originality more than ever!

WE  need. 218 more words


Core Values

Interesting stuff from a guy called Scott Jeffrey who has helpfully compiled a list of values to save everyone else the effort. Organisational values are a huge thing and help establish a certain understanding of business motives and ethics for employees and customers; perhaps they also do that for anyone who is being coached, and their coach.



Morning Digest...

Sometimes when one looks at the tree it looks so damaged, yet, the following year, it bears greater number of fruits more than ever before. Our target should be fruit bearing. 128 more words


Dead or Alive 6 and EVO are Between a Rock and Two Soft Places

We live in a brand new age for video games. A decade or two ago, calling yourself a gamer had a stigma to it. You were a loser who lived in your parent’s basement while real athletes would go travel all over the world and make tons of money. 1,939 more words

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It's Not SOP to Have Standards

Coaching is hard.

It’s actually not that hard to just coach, but to be a Coach. That’s hard.

Recently I had a conversation with a coach in which they noted that coaching seemed to be getting harder! 46 more words


Write a Career Manifesto

Recently, I shared about how writing a personal manifesto for my life helped to clarify my values and vision for how I want to live in 2019. 1,270 more words