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Meditating On The Truth!

How are we to do this? With so many inconsistencies and irregularities in life? So many thoughts and ideas are running through my head and mind as I write this. 443 more words


The Optimism Rollercoaster on Competition Day

When we make State,” my son said to the Drowning Robots early on competition day, “we’re going to make a prototype.”

“Yeah!” they agreed. “ 329 more words


As part of my lifetime of overcoming my myriad injuries both old (from doing Military stuff) and new (from doing nearly fatal car-wreck stuff); as well as overcoming personal barriers and difficulties,  I find that I am “feeling my age”. 319 more words

How Much More?...

All over the world today, so much emphasis is being placed on money, wealth, possessions, clothes, luxury cars, accessories, status, and other material things. It’s OK to live happily, fruitful and prosperous but how much of the things we desire to have do we really need?

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