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Day 19 done with diet and snacks and meals

It was a bit warmer and my legs are not liking me. I push past it all and did a hard workout. I did 4 sets of each distance and in between I did 60 decline push ups and 80 sit ups, straight up and to the side. 171 more words

Long Island

Day 18 in the books, I am so shot but moving forward

I did 4×800 meters, 4×400 meters, 4×200 meters and 4×100 meters, each set had a set of side plank pushups on each side, hip thrusts and sit ups and broke down to crunches. 14 more words

Personal Trainer

Heading to what used to be Cliff's on the Lake

I used to go there twice a week they have great Prime Rib that is very lean and great sides. After today and making money, before I head back I am having Prime Rib for the first time in 11 years. 40 more words

A Great Time

Day 14 in a row plus after workout snacks

Like Rocky telling Clubber Lang “You ain’t nothing”

Too easy!!! 28 Pull ups in 30 seconds. 5 sets of 20 lunge walks and turned them into 100 meter runs. 89 more words

A Great Time

Day 13 in a row in the books!!! Plus after workout snacks and light meal options

Today was windy so I could barely feel the sun. I went to a local track and did 4 sets of the following with a 5 minute break in between sets. 335 more words

A Great Time

I do knit

We were away for three days and I missed a workout. To replace it. We walked on a path that was .83 miles out and so that far back and we then went to swim laps and I did a half mile there. 711 more words


How I feel after my workout...

Tom cruise/J lo

Felling fine as all hell. Now late lunch, then chill, then late dinner.


A Great Time