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Day 47 in a row is done completely

Based on how I have felt I fully expected a bad day today especially with the iffy weather. I slept with wraps on my knees after applying some liniment on them and my back. 779 more words

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Today's workout tip Strength and distance running

I have given so many and I eventually compile them all. I have given posts with videos of drills and text on why to do them. 966 more words


Day 46 in a row in the books

Sometimes you hit a breaking point and I have been there for a couple of weeks. I have done pretty much everything I can, have gone to doctors and ultimately just feel off. 153 more words

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Day 42 in a row of my 60 day challenge plus snacks

I did less in one aspect but more in another. My knees and back have been aggravating me so I have been protecting them a bit but went longer yesterday and did a split weight lifting routine, before and after my track routine. 157 more words

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Day 41 in a row a harder workout today

Today I started inside, then out and back inside. To start inside I did 3 sets of 165 pound bench press by 15-20. I can go heavier but I no longer have a squat rack and it is tough to hoist it up. 247 more words

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Day 40 in a row

I went to the DR and like many I left disappointed as he did far less than the nurses before him and I had to wait 60 plus days and spend an hour in a non busy office to tell me silly slightly off blood tests. 127 more words

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Day 39 in a row!!!

I actually ate a bit before going out as I expected to go easy today. I had 2 small chicken breasts and 2 servings of Body Armor which are 70 calories each all carbs and still makes the chicken win the battle of protein vs carbs while being refreshing and packed with 600 mg of potassium…. 155 more words

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