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Building Body Awareness & Strength - Beginner Core #2

Hi all! I hope you enjoyed the first beginner core video. This is the second of two. In this video we focus on hip flexor activation/strength and back strength. 54 more words


Scatter Brain

Today I did P90X2 Core. I really enjoyed this workout and it went very well. I kept up and I performed most of the exercises in their full form. 161 more words


5 reasons to fall in love with Mat this Spring

Matwork is seriously underrated.  It’s often not as expensive, and to be honest, in comparison to the reformer, it doesn’t look as cool.  While reformer workouts are amazing and have grown in popularity, I often find that long time reformer clients have never been on a mat!   465 more words

Beginner Core Video #1

Hi everyone! I’m super stoked to share all these core workout videos with you this month. I love core work! If you haven’t yet, please check out… 86 more words


The Importance of Core

What do you think of when you hear the words core work? Crunches? Sit-ups? 6 pack abs? When I hear the words core work… 852 more words


At Your Core

I recently read an interesting article about core strengthening (How Are We Still Getting It Wrong). Having worked as a personal trainer prior to being a yoga teacher I’ve spent a good number of years teaching people how to hollow out the abdominal – bringing the belly button toward the back and tucking the pelvis slightly. 205 more words


Sweet ’16 Challenge - Week 1 Program/Exercise Idea!

YWCA’s Express Fit Program.

These programs are designed to fit in to a 30 minute time frame, with each program targetting a different set of muscle groups, or a different energy system. 51 more words