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Old enough to know better, too young to care…

You would have to be living under a rock not to know that entire eastern part of the country experienced a huge snow storm this past weekend.  317 more words

So much pain!!!

So yesterday was nuts. My main squeeze and I decided to try out a new workout called a “Metabolic Burnout”. Just the name alone is pretty badass. 213 more words

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I really hope he did get it this time

I thought I was going to update you on the story that I have described here and the dilemma I faced as an instructor. It’s about that gentleman that insists on riding every single class out of the saddle. 580 more words

Group Exercise

The 12 days of Pilates!

The festive season is fully upon us now! Life gets busy and we don’t have time to workout or take care of ourselves. Here I have put together your 12 days of Pilates schedule to countdown to Christmas and honour your body by staying strong and fit! 265 more words


Booty Burner

Looking for some great exercises to work those cheeks?

While strengthening the glutes has its obvious physical perks, actively engaging your glute muscles can help prevent other muscles from overcompensating, causing aches and pains. 704 more words


Workout #2 - Bodyweight Core Workout

The best ab exercises are the ones that challenge your whole body while working your deepest core muscles, the Transverse Abdominis. It is also important to work your Erector Spinae, the muscles in the lower back. 416 more words

Ball Slam it Abs

If you have access to a ball that you can slam- it not only can add to a great workout, it is fun and stress relieving! 70 more words