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Here’s the Optimal Amount of Time You Should Spend on an Ab Workout

If you’re trying to get a perfect six pack or just want to tone your body a bit, you don’t have to focus on your ab muscles as much as you think. 484 more words

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Are you on the edge of your seat?

That’s a good thing… for your posture. It forces you to engage your abs, so you’ll be strengthening them as you sit. And according to exercise physiologist Neal Pire, it works whether you’re watching TV on the couch, or sitting at work.  12 more words

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Advanced Core Workout for Lean Abs

Although getting a leaner core will not happen with only targetted ab workouts; you’ll need a low body fat percentage and full body training for very shredded abs, core workouts can help you on your way to target the abdominal muscles, strengthen them and make them more prominent. 193 more words