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Ball Slam it Abs

If you have access to a ball that you can slam- it not only can add to a great workout, it is fun and stress relieving! 70 more words


How To Get The Perfect Abs

Can you get the flat stomach or 6 pack abs you always dreamed of by just doing stomach exercises alone? The answer simply put is ‘No’ however there are exercises you can do to help strengthen and define the abdominal/core muscles.  303 more words

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Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy Fitness

We all know that keeping your body in shape before, during, and after pregnancy is extremely important for not just you, but for your entire family.  1,659 more words


Five tips for the perfect headstand and what not to do

I got into my first assisted headstand on Friday 20th February 2015 at the age of 29. Yes, it was such a big moment in my life, that I can actually remember the date….

1,383 more words

Commit To Core(Ab) Workouts

Before you decide to skip this article because you think we’re going to give a 500-paged guide about when, how, where, with whom, how many reps and sets, and on which days you should do the exercise, accompanied with the funniest diet you’ve ever seen… no, no, no, we’re “not about that life” 429 more words

5 poses to stretch and relax

After a whirlwind of an amazing trip to Singapore I need to try and keep the relaxed, calm vibes that I felt whilst being away! It’s so easy to just “forget” your holidays as soon as you return home and slip right back to the normal routine of daily life. 293 more words


Plank Challenge

How long can you hold a plank for? This is not your typical plank challenge. We will not be planking every day for the next month, no we will be planking for 15 minutes today. 447 more words