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Plank/Sphinx Exercises

What is a plank pose?  It is a simple, yet effective abdominal strengthening workout.  It is often times incorporated in yoga.  You can incorporate this pose with other moves such a leg lifts and arm lifts for a higher intensity workout!  402 more words


Day 217: Standing Twist With Knee Raise

This is a simple one to work your core.

How To Do It:

1. Clasp your hands together in front of your body (at chest level) with your elbows out. 58 more words


April 11: 20-minute core workout

It was nice to be at home for the day, mooching. Grand plans for a run in the forest took a hike thanks to the rain, but after all that glorious weather we had last week, shut up! 281 more words

Physically Fit

Quick Five Minute Ab Workout

Today I give you a quick five minute ab and core workout. This is perfect to do before or after ballet class or while you are sitting around watching television. 15 more words


April Workout: Stability Ball!

One of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment is the Stability Ball. You can train every part of your body with this large inflated ball. Another benefit to working out with the Stability Ball is you don’t have to workout your core as much because you use your abdominals much more with every exercise. 18 more words

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TRX Core Workout

This one is harder than it looks but gets easier the more you do it.

TRX cables are exceptionally awesome for so many workouts but especially the core. 152 more words


10-Minute Abs

Can I let you in on a guilty secret? I’m always skipping out on ab stuff. Unless I sneak it into the middle of my workouts there’s no freaking way I’ll be doing it… I just always find something better to do, like run off to my next appointment, eat my lunch, watch the grass grow. 171 more words

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