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Movement Mondays: CORE.

Our core is so important. It is one one the biggest factors in our stability. Now, when I say core I don’t mean having a 6 pack abs (although that can come with it). 191 more words


Glutes and Core Challenge Week 3!

It’s time to move on to the next level of our Glute and Core Challenge.   This weeks video is challenge 3, which will build on challenge 1 and 2.   21 more words


Climb Your Way to a 6-Pack! - 15 Minute HIIT Ab Routine for a Shredded Midsection

Creating a shredded midsection takes a combination of proper training and diet and since I already covered in a past post How To Uncover That 6 Pack… 265 more words


Slackline for the Whole Family

If you haven’t tried slacklining, it’s time to find a line!  These 1- to 2-inch wide strips of nylon webbing function a bit like a low-to-the-ground wobbly tightrope. 225 more words

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Real talk with Nicole

This post is for all my blog followers! I do a lot of live videos on Facebook and openly share workout and nutrition tips along with my own personal struggles. 64 more words

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Glutes and Core Challenge Week Two!

In this weeks follow up to our week one core and glute challenge, the routines will get a bit longer. Remember to not overwork yourself! Or work yourself harder if needed. 42 more words


Basic Core Workout

A tight core is something that many people want. But, do you believe you have what it takes and the focus to make that happen? One of the most basic, yet brutal exercises is something known to many people as the plank. 145 more words