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Commit To Core(Ab) Workouts

Before you decide to skip this article because you think we’re going to give a 500-paged guide about when, how, where, with whom, how many reps and sets, and on which days you should do the exercise, accompanied with the funniest diet you’ve ever seen… no, no, no, we’re “not about that life” 429 more words

5 poses to stretch and relax

After a whirlwind of an amazing trip to Singapore I need to try and keep the relaxed, calm vibes that I felt whilst being away! It’s so easy to just “forget” your holidays as soon as you return home and slip right back to the normal routine of daily life. 293 more words


Plank Challenge

How long can you hold a plank for? This is not your typical plank challenge. We will not be planking every day for the next month, no we will be planking for 15 minutes today. 447 more words


Restore Your Core - Belly Shaping Workout

Are you struggling to tone your belly area? Here is a simple CORE CIRCUIT that you can do ANYWHERE. The stronger you get the more sets you can do. 35 more words

Fitness Workouts

Bodyweight Leg Day +Core

Warm Up (1 Minute Rounds)

  • Jumping Jacks
  • High Knees
  • Butt Kicks
  • Leg Swing Toe Touches
  • Sumo Squats

(1 minute rest, repeat 2x)

Isolated Muscle Activation (1 Minute Rounds) 42 more words

Finding Balance In The Gym

10-Minute Pregnancy Workout: Shoulders, Core and More!

As moms we shoulder the weight of many things — from caring for babies, to bringing home the bacon (vegan bacon in our case!). That’s why I created this easy, but effective set. 109 more words

Fit Pregnancy

Core Challenge

This is your monthly core challenge… For the next 4 weeks, do these exercises 3 days a week alternating with days off in between. Core strength is vital excellence in any sport and it increases the amount of fat you burn overall! 457 more words

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