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It’s just….
I don’t know…
Fucking hell.
THIS GODDAMN MOVIE WAS EPIC! Here’s some non-linear and non-spoilery rambling about LOGAN! 292 more words

The Grimdragons

Aftermath: Empire's End - Chuck Wendig

“Many of them still have rebel hearts beating in their chests—it’s in them to question orders, to fight back when something doesn’t seem right. Even if it’s coming from someone you trust. 585 more words

Book Reviews

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Alexander Freed

“Chirrut Îmwe felt the warmth of an alien star on his skin and a sea breeze pawing at his robes. The heel of his staff dug into hard-packed sand. 521 more words

Book Reviews

King of Thorns - Mark Lawrence

And now, an exhaustive look at the dos and don’ts of kicking a severed head, as told by Jorg Ancrath:

“I dropped the head and kicked it into the crowd. 486 more words

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Six Wakes - Mur Lafferty

“Once you were gone, the body meant nothing, had no sentimental value. The future body was all that mattered. The past shouldn’t be here, staring you in the face with dead eyes.” … 294 more words

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V. You can never surrender

In this review: Corey Hart, Boy in the Box (EMA, 1985).

This almost isn’t a real review. I saw this album in a discount bin for £1. 440 more words


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