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Consumed by Corey Malcolm Lajeunesse of Scorpio Body Painting


Corey Lajeunesse, owner of Scorpio Body Painting is a photographer and artist who now makes his home here in Seoul.

This piece is one that we have talked about doing since the inception of the project, but were not able to complete until the final week before the show. 487 more words

No Vanilla | Letters to Corey | Lifestyle Blog |

To write Letters to Corey, I expose myself to as much as possible, books, people, media both mainstream and niche marketed. I find inspiration from various platforms, which I then am able to draw off to develop content for us here. 1,219 more words


Art for Third Graders: Barnett Newman

To take my mind off America’s epic descent into the abyss, I thought I’d look back for a bit and re-examine what I was taught in art school in the early to mid-70s, and what has made American Art the towering wonder of the world it is today. 2,172 more words

The New York School

You'd ask me what happened if my hair was pink | Letters to Corey

It’s not a disabled thing, it is a human thing

Lets get that straight first, because if I had pink hair and a nose ring odds are  1,323 more words


Corey 4/19/16

Today I created a timeline of what our event will look like. I drew the tent, everything in it, and what everyone will be doing. Teagan created a timeline of our project from the first day we started to today. 29 more words

Corey Lewandowski: I'll Talk To Reporter But It's 'Unrealistic' For Me To Apologize

Not apologize to a female reporter, who he grabbed and bruised, while the men were being allowed to ask questions to Trump is wrong. If this had happened in a domestic setting he would have been arrested for domestic violence. 36 more words

Let's talk about Saturday | Letters to Corey

I cannot remember how I met my best friend three years ago, some might say that isn’t the best-friend-like thing to do. But I have so many good memories with Ciara, they all kind of collage together in this colourful, incredible three years.  1,045 more words