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James S. A. Corey, Abaddon’s Gate (2013)

As promised, I bring you the review of the third installment in the Expanse series. It started so well with Leviathan Wakes, it got slightly worse but still quite readable with… 777 more words


ANOTHER ONE? Meet The Starbucks Cup That Is Becoming "The New Dress"

Remember #TheDress?

Remember matching the nail polish?

Now we have the Starbucks cup.

Comedy writer, Greg Dorris, shared THIS picture of his cold brew iced coffee with the caption “Guys does this say Greg or Corey.” 69 more words


More from James Zannetti Photo...

Here’s an a peek of an image from Corey’s Gallery, which will be available for viewing soon under the galleries tab on the website. Let me know what you think…

Zodiac Hunt Episode 3: Pisces

In this week’s episode of our Greek myth inspired Dungeon World campaign; Aper, Otto, and Xanth attempt to slay Pisces with some troubling results.

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The Power of Our Words

Last week I received an email from one of Corey’s best friends, Amanda Stoerman. During one of Amanda’s routine visits to her dermatologist she found out that she had melanoma, which can be one of the most deadly forms of skin cancer if left untreated or not caught early enough. 440 more words


BILL RYAN of Project Avalon Speaks Freely about "Corey Goode"

Re: The Corey Goode affair: various updates from David Wilcock


Bill Ryan – Avalon Founder:

A highly respected, long-standing member wrote a couple of days ago to myself and the other mods privately asking that we might do a little more to constrain what they called “Corey bashing” on the forum.

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