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The Legacy of Dean Part II

I was fifteen when I learned a lesson. After placing second in an inter schools speech competition, I spoke about inclusion, the speech was something I never would have done, if it weren’t for one person. 2,870 more words


New Market // Accessibility Fashion and Otherwise

Fashion is art and you are the canvas. But what happens when the paint isn’t avalible? What if you have the paint and the canvas but no brush? 757 more words


Tales from the Café: Man in the Mirror

Time: Saturday, 8:35 pm

It was a quiet night, and a welcome one at that. Friday night had been an absolute nightmare; it had been me, a returning college student, and three new hires working, and I’m fairly certain everyone in a thirty mile radius had decided to come out. 433 more words


Get Adam Bennett a Rose or at Least some Nobody But Joe | Letters to Corey | Lifestyle Blog

At the time the bachelor started playing on New Zealand television screens it seemed every single person within a five mile radius of me, began asking if I watched it. 1,124 more words


I find myself in you : Andrew Van Asselt // a Story of Style in Progress | Doing good is sexy

I can tell when someone is wondering about me, I mean you can’t exactly hide using a wheelchair, people who know me, know me. It’s different though, when I meet new people, it is understandable that they might be uncomfortable, unsure. 1,817 more words


Ethical is where it's at | Good On You NZ fashion app

On a high from the sustainable revelation Mud Jeans gave me, (seriously 289 washes to make one pair of new jeans my mind was blown) I went searching for even more sustainable goodness. 1,014 more words