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The opaque mask of dense grey fog hung low in the sky, hugging the ground and almost kissing the gentle curves of the Isle of Purbeck. 3,701 more words


Walking Purbeck

I love Dog. You do, if you own a dog. Get a dog and watch as your DNA mutates into a slobbering devoted mess.

But there are things that make me question my general besottedness. 362 more words


Eweleaze Farm: Camping in England

For my 29th birthday Ben and I went camping and it was the best!

We camped at a beautiful site just outside of Weymouth, Eweleaze Farm… 697 more words


Murder most Dark Age

This week is the birthday of the most famous crime writer in the world – Agatha Christie. Like many millions of others, I have loved her books and tried, usually in vain, to solve the crimes before Hercule Poirot! 632 more words


England's First Queen, the Original Wicked Stepmother

After writing an article about Edward the Martyr the other week, I thought it only fair to take a look at the other side of the story and write about… 1,450 more words

English History

The Short Life and Sad Death of Edward the Martyr

Poor Edward the Martyr is one of the great ‘what ifs’ of Medieval history. It’s not that he was anything special in the kingly department, it’s simply that he didn’t get the chance to be – or to not be – any kind of king. 1,484 more words

English History

10 Gems of Britain

There are loads of different tourist attractions across England, but some you may not have realized are there… 670 more words