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Reading With Righteous Indignation

Reading with Righteous Indignation

Harry Potter is appalling.  It’s not the witches, wizards, giants and big snakes.  What is so gob-smackingly awful is Hogwarts, a posh English private school reinvented as the be-all and end-all of fantasy.  816 more words


Episode 67 - Coriolanus - Exiled!

It’s a new year and a new breath of fresh on the Partial Historian breeze! Oh wait, what’s that? Could it be … Coriolanus? Indeed it is! 63 more words


The Vanity of Crowds Shakespeare warned against treating democracy as a popularity contest. By Tana Wojczuk

This is also a fascinating article from Guernica online magazine, a superb source well worth your own perusal, dear reader. This paticular one deals with the rise to power of Donald Trump as seen through Shakespeares Coriolanus. 130 more words



One of my intentions when I came to Warsaw for a year was to explore its cultural offerings, music, ballet and opera mainly because they are language-neutral arts. 1,680 more words


Shakespeare Saturday: Coriolanus

Coriolanus, written either before or just after Pericles, is the last pure tragedy Shakespeare wrote, and perhaps the greatest of his Roman plays. It tells the story of a Roman general and war hero, who brings his own doom through hubris and thirst for vengeance. 1,550 more words



23 is Broken by Rome.

Idk. I like this song, but…I think I liked it a lot better back towards the beginning of the year. I find myself skipping over it more frequently now. 224 more words

Episode 65 - Coriolanus: Trial Imminent!

Doctors G and R return with a brand new episode from the realms of the ancient past! As the suspense develops in Coriolanus’ career, how are the relationships between the patricians and plebeians working out? 73 more words