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RSC: The Roman Plays

Here is Angus Jackson of the RSC talking about the exciting 2017 season.  They are grouping the Roman plays together.  I agree with his reasons for doing this and they are the same reasons I have for making the groupings I use in my short courses: just putting the plays together brings out connections; you do not need a teacher to bring them out for you; you can start to think about broader arguments and what it all might mean.


Shakespeare Piece of the Day: Coriolanus (9/4/16)


ACT I, SCENE I. Rome. A street.

Enter a company of mutinous Citizens, with staves, clubs, and other weapons

First Citizen
Before we proceed any further, hear me speak.
29,774 more words


What Are We to Make of Shakespeare’s Use of Bodies in Titus Andronicus and Coriolanus?

For my first post, I thought I would share an essay that I wrote while attending UCSC.  I won two prizes for this piece, and it is an example of some of my best work. 3,139 more words


Episode 63 - Aediles, Fetiales, and Coriolanus

The Doctors pursue the different elements coming to the fore in the 490s BCE by looking at a little more detail at the development of the position of aedile, and the significance of the fetiale priests in matters relating to war, peace, and oaths. 38 more words


Coriolanus: the People's Enemy

Here is a video clip showing Ralph Fiennes as Coriolanus.  He has been tricked to showing his fatal flaw- his arrogant pride- before the people.  He banishes himself: 262 more words



“We had rather be the oppressor than the oppressed.”—William Hazlitt

A pot of boiling water will only boil for so long until it spills over. People only withstand being abused for so long until they take a stand. 441 more words


'Coriolanus' receives fine production at the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ

If you are working your way through the Shakespeare canon via  performances — and who isn’t — “Coriolanus” at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey… 385 more words

Shakespeare Theatre Of NJ