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The difference between 2013 and 2015...

I thought it’d be interesting to compare two drawings of the same person that I have done a couple of years apart just to see my improvement. 14 more words


Tom Hiddleston

I had a very lazy Sunday this past weekend and I started this drawing. I got off early from work today so I took the opportunity to finish it 😀 I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. 9 more words


Some actual pages!

So I think it is due time for some actual teaser pages.

These are from a scene well into the book. At a small turning point. 26 more words


What's On Stage Awards

Red carpets, glamour, cheers and applause, it must be awards season! and I was lucky enough to get tickets to the What’s On Stage Awards on Sunday. 288 more words


Making up for Monday - February 9th

Well, look at me remembering to keep up with a book meme! This weekend has been absolutely crazy, today is no different, so I’ve got next to know reading done. 474 more words


I talk of you:
Why did you wish me milder? would you have me
False to my nature? Rather say I play
The man I am.

32 more words