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“We had rather be the oppressor than the oppressed.”—William Hazlitt

A pot of boiling water will only boil for so long until it spills over. People only withstand being abused for so long until they take a stand. 441 more words


'Coriolanus' receives fine production at the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ

If you are working your way through the Shakespeare canon via  performances — and who isn’t — “Coriolanus” at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey… 385 more words

Shakespeare Theatre Of NJ


Theme Analysis

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Class conflict

The conflict between the patricians, or traditional ruling class, and the plebeians, or common people, is central to the play. 1,231 more words


Episode 62- Roman Struggles, Introducing Coriolanus

After a brief sojourn into Rome on film, the Doctors return to the narrative of Rome’s history from the founding of the city! In this episode, the Doctors examine the continuing Struggle of the Orders, some of the consequences of the strife between the Plebeians and Patricians, and *drum roll please* … we catch our first glimpse of the man who will become Coriolanus. 49 more words


Arts Review: Coriolanus - Bard in the Botanics

Dir. Gorden Barr, Botanic Gardens, 24 June – 9 July

The Kibble Palace is an unlikely location for a performance of Shakespeare’s fast-paced play Coriolanus: surrounded by greenery and glass, the audience sit in two rows facing each other, frequently swivelling their heads as the actors stalk past. 314 more words

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Anxiety, Fraggle Rock and Other Things I Should Be Doing Right Now

I haven’t written about the mental health stuff in awhile here, and that’s for a few reasons. One is that I’ve been doing pretty decent: I haven’t been crying all that much. 962 more words

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Philosophical Thresholds -podcast (KiSSiT: Shakespearean Thresholds)

The second panel of KiSSiT: Shakespearean Thresholds featured philosophical papers from Christian Smith, Sophie Battell and Jessica Chiba. Watch / listen to Christian Smith’s talk on a psychoanalytical reading of Coriolanus and Jessica Chiba discussing being and not-being in Shakespeare. 483 more words