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My Top Five Shakespeare Quotes

A guest post by Elisabeth Bridges

When I received the invitation to participate in this series, I got a bit excited. And by “a bit excited,” I mean shaking-and-letting-out-muffled-shrieks-while-spinning-around-in-my-desk-chair excited. 749 more words


Robert Hardy and Shakespeare | The Shakespeare blog

On Thursday 3 August 2017 one of the UK’s best-loved actors, Robert Hardy, died. His family described him as “Gruff, elegant, twinkly, and always dignified” and most of his admirers would agree. 84 more words


Whilst other wrote good words (2)

The second in a (very) occasional series on the sources for Shakespeare’s work. Part one – on the “histories” he consulted – is here

We didn’t study Horace much at school, but my Latin teachers made sure we were at least aware of one his most famous lines – the beginning of Ode XXX. 1,407 more words


It’s another Monday–time for another Monday insult from Shakespeare.

This week’s insult is spoken by the loquacious Menenius Agrippa (that’s him facing the women, above) to the Roman tribunes Junius Brutus and Sicinius Velutus (that’s them in the background, above) in  31 more words


Coriolanus Act 5 sc. 6 Thinking points

Aufidius’s anger and regret at Coriolanus’s actions:

That I would have spoke of:
Being banish’d for’t, he came unto my hearth;
Presented to my knife his throat: I took him; 448 more words


Coriolanus and The Psycho Gene

Long before neuroscientists found the interaction of genes, epigenetic effects and environment on the pathological tendencies in humans, it may appear that Shakespeare created the perfect study in his play Coriolanus. 1,577 more words