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As Mad As A March Hare, Round Ere Anyway

😷 It’s fair to say I’m still feeling blooming awful, my nose 👃  has turned into a leaky tap, which refuses to stop and I have all the energy of a sloth.   478 more words


Saint Patrick's Day Video Competition

We are very pleased to announce a Video Competition to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. To enter the competition, you need to make a video of a maximum of 60 seconds about your idea of Ireland or Irishness. 158 more words


Textualities 2015: a mini-conference story

A mini-conference. How can such a ‘mini’ name conveys so much? So much stress and sleepless nights, so many nervous students ready to faint before stepping on stage and perform their 6’40 show, such a great deal of work and research involved in this ‘mini’ project, so much energy spent on rehearsing again, and again, and again, (and again) so that it will be perfect when the day comes – but don’t be silly, it won’t of course – and the tireless efforts of you other half who keeps repeating you that your presentation is fantastic, that you are doing a great job, that all you say is absolutely fascinating, that your oral skills can’t be denied by anyone… Hard to follow? 629 more words


Greenfingered Belly Dancer Retires

Rita had a special drawer.  She told my father about it when he took her home for a quick visit the day they let her out of hospital.   1,315 more words