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Corn Pearls

Corn pearls 

Corn pearls – A super simple yet delicious recipe which can be served as an evening snack for school going kids. Corn cob is fire roasted and seasoned with salt, lemon juice, red chilli powder and dry oregano. 143 more words

Shields Up, Fire at Will!

Shields Up, Fire at Will!

James R. Aist

If you are old enough to have been a fan of the Three Stooges slap-stick comedy series, the title of this article may have reminded you of the episode where the Stooges are armed for battle and someone gives the command, “Fire at will”, to which one of the stooges responds, “Which one is Will?” Well, this article is not about the famous Three Stooges, but it is about four not-so-famous child “stooges”, including myself, who lived so far “out in the sticks” of rural, central Arkansas that we had to invent games to entertain ourselves during the long, hot summers when school was out. 796 more words

True Tales