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Turn your face into the wind;

a touch of a forgotten summer

in the golden field,

the breeze swept in from the north,

cool and sweet…

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Storm On The Farm

I watched out across the water, the ripples of a river suddenly irritated, spreading out quickly with every splash of the sudden sprinkle rain coming down. 243 more words

Family Reunions & God's Plans

Family reunions are both a blessing but sometimes an embarrassment such as when “Uncle Judah” shows up. Memories flash through our minds of his two wives and his unrighteous sons. 232 more words

As an elephants eye?

More like corn that you see comes up to a photographers knee.  Slipping a barn photo in here to say HAVE A HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!  Hmmmmm that rhymed too ;)


Recurring Nightmare from Childhood

Dear Dream Diary

Do you remember when I was a child? How I acted like a child? How I thought like a child? Thank goodness I’ve put away those… 878 more words