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Quentin Crisp and the dust bunnies

There are some eccentric/unconventional people that really fascinate me – the kind of people who don’t feel the need to ‘fit in’ with society, who have their own tastes, opinions and ideas, who can just be themselves without fear, who step out into our occasionally bland, beige world that’s becoming increasingly too homogenised for my liking, and make it a bit more colourful and interesting and I think that Quentin Crisp was one of those people. 2,461 more words


Confessions of a holidaymaker


I’ve been a bit lackadaisical with my posts, haven’t I?

Well, I’m (sort of -ish ) back now. Batteries have been temporarily re-charged and, whilst life is still a little hectic, my head fog is very slowly clearing. 2,331 more words


Company Steps In To Help After Disabled Child's Wheelchair Stolen In Elizabeth

ELIZABETH, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — There is outrage in a New Jersey neighborhood after someone stole a child’s wheelchair.

Mom Keeley Pacheco told CBS2’s Elise Finch her son Andrew doesn’t like to be carried around, but she doesn’t have a choice because a thief made off with his wheelchair Tuesday morning as she was getting him ready for school at their home in Elizabeth. 337 more words


The secret’s out!


The other day, I alluded on facebook to knowing a secret…but couldn’t divulge the secret…but today I CAN, actually, divulge the secret – yay! 1,917 more words


Happy 6th Birthday Hannah

This time last year – around the time of Hannah’s 5th Birthday – I used a poem on the blog by Nancy Tillman to sum up everything I wanted to say and this year I’m doing the same. 794 more words


The quest for the missing boot – a heart-warming tale


I was anticipating that my next blog post would be about Hannah’s 6th birthday which is at the end of this month, however, I thought I’d write a little something about what happened at the weekend and the response we had to it. 1,186 more words


Nobody puts baby in the corner!

Remember who said that?

Ah, I went all mushy when I first watched that film.

I’m sure Patrick Swayze melted a gazillion hearts when he was chucking baby around – rampant masculinity oozing out of his every delicious pore.   2,127 more words