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Auntie Debs has a haircut


…and Hannah’s NOT impressed!


Hello you!

As I sit to write this post, my phone pings and up pops a photo of Hannah stood on a balcony in a beautiful part of Great Britain…the Lake District. 1,437 more words

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Let’s talk about mental health

Talking about mental health issues seems to have been swept under the carpet a bit, don’t you think?

(It’s just semantics, but I prefer to use the term ‘emotional health’ in this post…hope you don’t mind…bit tough if you do.  1,850 more words

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Annie goes shopping

Or, otherwise entitled…

Man for hire!

Last night Hannah’s daddy and I went shopping.

By the time we’d actually got out of the house, travelled to the shopping centre and parked up, we didn’t have much time…and I was a woman on a mission! 1,454 more words

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Sometimes, you just gotta put those Super Mama knickers on!

Or, otherwise entitled…

Annie may just (definitely) have another rant!


I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!


“Super Mama Knickers”

Definition (mine): 1,984 more words

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You should’ve said!

Or, otherwise entitled…

This may end up being a bit ranty (sorry!)

I’m feeling overwhelmingly anxious right now.  I’ll probably share this with you in my next post.  2,228 more words

Special Needs

Six months

Gentle Reader, please don’t be deceived by the title.

This is not an announcement of an impending birth at Broccoli HQ in six months’ time. 1,253 more words

Special Needs







“It must be a typo, surely”

*holds ipad at arm’s length and squints a bit at the screen…because she hasn’t got around to going to Specsavers, yet!* 1,418 more words

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