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Readathon Progress: Hours 13-18 | Dewey's 4.2016

Hi, guys! Welcome to my progress update for the third fourth of the readathon – it’s 2AM here now. This reading update and future one will include books that I finished and/or worked on earlier in the day. 32 more words

Tamora Pierce

Hour 16: They Said What? | Dewey's 4.2016

Take 1 line of dialog from 2 separate characters of 2 separate books. Mash the 2 lines together by taking the 1 half of the line of one with the second half of a line from another.

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Tamora Pierce

Readathon Progress: Hours 7-12 | Dewey's 4.2016

Hi, friendos! Welcome to my progress update for the second fourth of the readathon – it’s 8PM here now. This reading update and future ones will include books that I finished and/or worked on earlier in the day. 18 more words

Tamora Pierce

Readathon update - The Thief Lord

My second readathon selection is a book that I read over and over again when I was a child- I wanted to see if it still had the magic and I wanted something that would be a relatively quick read. 239 more words

Gibt es etwas Schöneres auf der Welt als Buchstaben? Zauberzeichen, Stimmen der Toten, Bausteine für wundersame Welten, besser als diese, Trostspender, Vertreiber für Einsamkeit, Hüter von Geheimnissen, Verkünder der Wahrheit…

Cornelia Funke, Tintenherz


Reckless by Cornelia Funke

I first became acquainted with Cornelia Funke’s writing when I read Inkheart.  I quickly fell in love with her rich descriptions and quirky characters.  I was disappointed when that trilogy came to an end because I had so enjoyed living in that fantasy world with Meggie and Farid…  So how is it, then, that I managed not to read this book until nearly SIX years after it was published?  218 more words

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Reading Challenge | Pick Me A Winner (Apr-May) [COMPLETED]

GROUP: Crazy for Young Adult Books

duration: 4/16-5/15

  • Participants will be paired randomly.
  • Participants will create a shelf of books for their partner to pick from.
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