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Mid April 2017 Presuppositional Apologetics’ Links

A bit of a delay in posting this installment of the round up of Presuppositional apologetics’ links given our series last week.  Here it is! 63 more words


A Conservative Evangelical Response to Molly Worthen's "The Evangelical Roots of our Post-Truth Society"


Molly Worthen (Ph.D., Yale) serves at University of North Carolina (Go Heels!) as assistant professor in history. She recently penned a piece on “post-truth” politics for the New York Times. 2,768 more words


“The charge is made that we engage in circular reasoning. Now if it be called circular reasoning when we hold it necessary to presuppose the existence of God, we are not ashamed of it because we are firmly convinced that all forms of reasoning that leave God out of account will end in ruin.

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Cornelius Van Til

“For this reason we have spoken of the Christian theistic method as the method of implication into the truth of God. It is reasoning in a spiral fashion rather than in a linear fashion.

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Cornelius Van Til

“The sinner’s problem from his point of view is to cast doubt upon this evidence, to make it appear as though the evidence were not clear.

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Cornelius Van Til

“With such as these it would seem that the point we should be most anxious to drive home is that in trying to be agnostic, and in trying to say that they have no need of metaphysics, they have already given one of the two possible answers to every question of epistemology that may be asked.

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Cornelius Van Til