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Van Til’s Views on the Trinity

Twentieth century theologian Cornelius Van Til is a noteworthy figure in the history of theology. Many of his ideas were and continue to be highly controversial, especially in the area of apologetics. 905 more words

The Trinity: Three Persons or Four?

If you ask anyone how many persons there are in the Trinity, they will likely tell you there are three. This is obvious- the very word “Trinity” comes from ‘Tri’=three, combined with ‘unity’, meaning three in unity. 597 more words

Non-Christians and Truth

“The point is this. The natural man in all his interpretative efforts seeks to suppress the revelational content that comes to expression round about and within him. 223 more words

Cornelius Van Til

Guest Review: The World Is Christ’s – A Critique of Two-Kingdoms Theology

This is a guest post by our Twitter friend @SolaChristos.  While I am critical of much of today’s Evangelicalism in politics nevertheless I believe there are those who subscribe to Radical Two Kingdom Theology (“Escondido Theology”) that limit the Lordship of God.  1,211 more words


But Ye Are Rich an article for Thanksgiving

The following is an article/letter written by Dr. Van Til in 1933 during a period of time in America known as the “Great Depression”, for which “Black Tuesday” the stock market crash is also known. 2,015 more words

Van Til

Review: Cornelius Van Til, an Analysis of his Thought

by John Frame. Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing, 1995.

This is my second time to read through this book.  The question obviously arises:  should you read this book or Bahnsen’s book on Van Til?  1,041 more words

Book Review

Misrepresentation: Do Presuppositionalists conflate the moral depravity in the Bible with human reasoning?

The last two weeks seems to have more internet controversies against Presuppositional apologetics from various quarters.  I think it is always unfortunate when Christians misrepresent other Christians and in this post I want to deal with an objection against Presuppositional apologetics. 1,208 more words