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The Herbert F. Johnson Museum

Yesterday was the mega controversial inauguration day of Donald Trump and today was the Women’s March on Washington. There were also local marches that I could have attended, but I’ve just been so conflicted about world issues of late that I just want to seek what little peace I can find.  175 more words


Clara Bow inspired work!

I watched a fantastic documentary about the silent movie star Clara Bow on BBC iPlayer the other day and then I noticed how many times I use similar types of ladies in my boxes! 15 more words

Denise McDowell

Upson Hall Construction Update, 1/2017

It’s become a little more difficult to shoot photos from certain angles, now that one of the previously-open sidewalks has been closed off. But, it’s not a surprise, they’ve been working on Upson’s new face. 189 more words


Cornell Law School Renovation Update, 1/2017

From the outside, it doesn’t look like much is happening. But, given all the steel beams on site, the safe bet is that the former dorms inside are still being gutted to nothing but the load-bearing walls, and those beams will become a part of the new interior partitions, new stud walls… 55 more words


Cornell Veterinary School Expansion Construction Update, 1/2017

Starting to see more progress on the structural frame of the $74.1 million Vet School additions. The reinforced concrete frame of the new library and administrative offices now extends all the way back to the rest of the Vet School complex; the new section is draped over with plastic sheets. 178 more words


Ivy League Power Rankings - January 16th, 2017

Conference play in the Ivy League play began this week.

While one loss used to eliminate teams from NCAA Tournament contention, this year is vastly different. 783 more words


Gannett Health Center Construction Update, 1/2017

Okay, for as much as I miss the old banded concrete and glass, the large window panes, clear glazing and thin aluminum frames designed by Ithaca’s… 234 more words