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Spanking Duos 9

How about Samantha Woodley and Sierra Salem!  Both are brunette.  Both are absolutely gorgeous in a cutsie sort of way.  They are very naughty and bratty girls, who are in need of regular spankings.   135 more words


Corner Time 4(A well spanked bottom on display)

The last corner time post featured pale white bottoms on display before the spanking takes place.  This one will be post-spanking.  Well punished red bottoms on display.   32 more words


Corner Time 3

The theme of this one is pale white bottoms pre-spanking, anticipating that inevitable punishment. 11 more words


Once upon a time...

Well hello there everyone!

Allow myself to introduce….. myself. :)

You can call me J. I have been exploring the BDSM/Ddlg/Kink world for a while now and I’ve decided that it’s about time I started to do some posts here. 281 more words

A Spanking Photo Mix

Just the other day I came across a corner time photo that I wanted to post, but I had just done a post on corner time.   44 more words


More Corner Time

Before I did that post on 2015 stats, I wasn’t aware at just how popular the subject of corner time is.  It makes sense.  Such a humiliating and vulnerable position for a naughty girl or boy to be in, with that well punished bottom(or about to be well punished bottom) bared and on display.   13 more words


Corner Time

Staying with the theme of adding to the severity and humiliation of a spanking, lets talk about corner time.  Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing a sorry girl/guy nose to the corner, with their bare bottom on display.   243 more words