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Cold showers ..

Oh no .. not more showers! Hahaha, see what I did there? A little play on words, reference the Great British Summer, seeing as it’s raining again as I write this and I’m bloomin’ well fed up with it. 208 more words

Truth through film

One of the first things you are going to find out about me is that I am Chilean. I tell everyone, all the time. I have almost become more Chilean now that I no longer live there, but it is probably because the distance allows me to analyse Chile in a more objective way. 582 more words

Film & TV

Save the Cornerhouse!

Anneka Ubhoo

This is the result of my first and only experience with Urban Sketchers in Manchester…

Many great movies and teas have been had at the Cornerhouse on Oxford Street. 128 more words

Naomi Kashiwagi: Artist

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My art practice explores everyday life through reinvention to reveal potential enchanting moments and joy in the everyday. Noticeably for me, over the past five years I’ve been incorporating small, often spontaneous gestures, actions, interventions that aim to catalyse the potential for joie the vivre and vivification into my everyday life and as a consequence, sometimes into the everyday lives of others. 868 more words