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Wilmington Data Crunch - Part 1: The Big Sweeper

This is part 1 of a series that will look at basic autocross data crunching, using data from my car at the Wilmington Champ Tour last weekend. 1,086 more words


Deceptive Cones & Late-Apex Revisited

Many course designers will include a sucker cone. Reader DeWitt had some really good comments on an earlier post and submitted a photo of the finish of an autocross he did (last year with ETRSCCA?) that’s a perfect example. 823 more words


180-Degree Turn-Arounds Revisited

In a recent post here we talked about saving time in 180 degree turn-arounds by taking the tightest possible circular path. I feel like I owe it to the reader to expand on that discussion as soon as possible because, really, it left out an important consideration. 462 more words


Saving Time: Take a Smaller Radius?

Most experienced autocrossers think that, all else equal, a smaller, slower radius takes less time than a larger, faster radius. You know that, right? Are you sure? 300 more words


Never Late-Apex!

Well, almost never.

While the late-apex cornering technique is a staple of road-racing and track-day driving, it has almost zero applicability to autocross. Why? Autocross almost never has an acceleration zone long enough to make up for what you give up in the corner for the late apex. 744 more words


All Those Books On Cornering Are Wrong

Most books present racing cornering in three stages: the approach, where (after braking is completed) the car transitions from an infinite radius (straight) down to the minimum radius for the corner, the middle stage on a constant, minimum radius that (mercifully) ends at the apex, and the exit on an increasing radius, accelerating and tracking out until straight again. 405 more words


The "Lost Arts" of the triathlon bike race

So far this year, I’ve done a fair share of racing, including two half-ironmans and an Olympic.
In that time, I’ve already seen some pretty glaring issues from the bike course…all of which are bad wastes of energy and time! 1,022 more words