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Data Analysis of Sharp Turn At Wilmington Pro-Solo

Just back from Wilmington, Ohio where I ran the Spring Pro-Solo. Great event with the usual close competition and great competitors in B-Street. This was my 3rd Pro-Solo, spread out over a 4-year period, and first Pro-Solo trophy, 3rd place. 1,786 more words


Insights for Mountain Bikers on Cornering from John McGuinness

EMC’s trailer/advert for their collaboration with TT (what’s the TT?) racing legend John McGuinness recently turned up in my recommended section on YouTube and I thought I’d share it. 366 more words



Another brilliant video by Signor Brumotti! Tutti Brumotti!

Which leads me into yet another rant… anyone happen to catch the Red hook highlights from Brooklyn? Oh there was some good racing as always with… 299 more words


Iseng : Avg fuel consumption 99.9 kpl

Hai, hello.. apa kabarnya hari ini? semoga sehat selalu. Diartikel ini saya dapet average teririt di  49.4 km per liter, dengan jalan santai, dan pernah bilang, gimana bila ditest glundung saja dengan engine running tapi gas tidak diplintir sedikitpun. 550 more words


APR 2016 Down Bends Up

As chosen by Richard an all round test of a bit of bike handling then your climbing after a hard effort Down Bends Up based around the Benefield bends, starting at the upper end.


Belajar miring sejak dini

Belajar miring sejak dini itu perlu bray.. . Kenapa? Karena life is never flat.. Wkwkwkwkw.. Miring disini adalah cornering atau nikung, bawa motor di tikungan dengan kemiringan yang asik. 177 more words