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Cornering – Tips & Techniques

The Skylark Sportive will take you through a great journey encompassing high hills, steep climbs and descents, narrow roads, tight bends and testing road surfaces. We believe that a Sportive should be both challenging and engaging for riders, which is why we have included so many minor roads. 888 more words

Cycling: Tips for Going Faster, That Won't Co$t Anything

I’d been thinking about this, figured I’d put it “to paper” so to speak:

#1) Stop using the brakes when going downhill

It’s very common for people to be scared when descending, but it’s the same as when running downhill – you’re loosing free speed.  941 more words

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Cycling Definitions | Criterium

Criterium: noun \krī-ˈtir-ē-əm\

A criterium or crit is a cycling race that takes place on a closed course. The race consists of laps and each lap is usually about 1 mile in distance or less. 174 more words


Counter Steering, Buat Touring dan Trackday Sih Oke, Buat Harian??

Sahabat IMN yang luar biasa, riding adalah bagian dari hidup para bikers. Riding juga macem-macem, ada yang hanya berdasarkan insting, dan ada juga yang full pake teknik. 316 more words

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Karena cornering pake motor itu sudah terlalu mainstream... Jadi pake bis saja..

Hola folks

Terkadang hidup ini terasa kurang greget. Hidup biasa kok takut dibilang mainstream, kalo mau nyoba gak mainstream kok malah takut ditanya tiga perkara sama malaikat kubur, susah ya.. 198 more words


Road Bike Skills

Just when you think you might have acquired some decent bike handling skills…guys like Brumotti, Ashton and MacAskill…utterly shatter your illusions!!! 😁 Bugger me. These lads are absolutely amazing to watch. Mad skillz indeed

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