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Trailing it Off...

Welcome to the next article in the BST© (BrakeSteerTurn) series

Dem’s da brakes chum

The rear brake on road bikes are a bit mis-understood in my opinion. 1,242 more words


[Product Info] Footstep Raiser dan Tail Tidy CBR 250RR

Bracket peninggi step atau biasa dibsebut raisee step by ini dibuat khusus untuk honda cbr 250rr, sepaket tinggal pasang tanpa ubahan.

material: ss41
tebal : 6mm… 137 more words


Tested & Ridden: Quick review of the Duro Hypersonic Tyre

Testing Duro Hypersonic 25mm tyres.

The word Duro is of a Latin, Asturian and Galician origin. Duro, as is durable, as in durometer…

From dūrus… 890 more words


Riding precisely and safely

(WARNING!!! This article is for intermediate riders only, if you are a new rider then know your ride first, which means, it isn’t for you. But you can read nonetheless, just don’t blame me if anything goes horribly wrong). 2,608 more words

Riding Tips

Essentials To Improve Bike Handling Skills

A cyclist need to rehearse require bike handling skills regularly. It is as important as increasing his fitness level. We see sometimes cyclists taken for granted their bike handling skills and they think that their skills are good enough but it’s not true, because in outer world many people sitting who are master in your skills and they can prove you wrong at any time. 614 more words

Cycle Ride

Limit Points and Cornering

When approaching a bend, most drivers are thinking “how fast can I go round this bend?”, rather than “Can I stop if needed?”. 

This is the core reason we use limit points – to assess the severity of the bend so we can adjust our speed and consider the appropriate gear to take the bend safely.  617 more words

Advanced Driving


It is pretty easy to complain about the state of road racing, which is why I enjoy doing it so much. Complaining doesn’t require any research (my forte) and can be done based exclusively on personal experience. 924 more words