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I went to Luxembourg! (and Belgium)

I have just arrived from 830km solo on the Multistrada. Wonderfull! (well, most of it…)

It all started with a foggy oil level sight window. Aparently all Ducatis run cooler than some of the Japanese bikes and in cooler climates they tend to collect moisture in the oil and gunk up the oil sight glass. 760 more words


MINIVAN Photography's SXSW recap (Show Pics)

MINIVAN Photography recently attended a few showcases at SXSW.

And managed to shoot some bands.


Max Pain and the Groovies

Adult Books

Corners… 88 more words

Show Pics


©Text Only: 2015 By Bob Litton 

I don’t know why it is that topic ideas come floating into my brain at the oddest times, especially just after I have concluded that there is nothing left for me to write about; I have, after all, virtually written my autobiography through most of the pages in this blog; and I have drained the well of my accumulated knowledge and wisdom, dispersing it all to an invisible world. 1,003 more words


The Unifying Theory of Corners

The most essential thing to learn to do in mountain biking is…anyone?

Well, I believe the answer is how to corner.

Every trail has corners, it’s the only thing that every trail will have. 1,756 more words


Turning Corners and Finding Open Doors

It’s Gratituesday! Today I’m grateful for open doors.

About a month ago, maybe a little more, I felt life turn a corner. Nearly a tangible sensation, I felt lighter, aimed a different direction, moving forward on more level ground. 565 more words


DIY Book Corners - Basic

This is just a funny lille thing you can do with your kid, and maybe encourage your kid to read
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