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Cutting Corners

When your roof-line doesn’t have much curb appeal, here’s an idea to cut in corners. You can see how boring the edges are of the original roof in this first photo (Gary giving my 80-something year-old father a ride on his lift). 48 more words



on a wednesday afternoon, my mother and me decided to get in the car and go to asolo.

it's one of those places that seem lost in time, with small boutiques, flower shops and draper's stores. 57 more words

Corners by Blair Gaulton

Do corners like being cornered?
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Sept 2017


Riding Journal update; learning to leg yield and side pass

(scroll to the bottom for a break down of leg yield and side pass aids)

Yesterday I rode the polocrosse horse again. We went out for a trail ride before coming back to do flat work. 1,557 more words


Riding Journal: a polocrosse horse, a lesson given, and cleaning tack.

I cleaned a heap of leather today. Good for me. Did it properly by taking it apart. After all thats why it needed to be done, the leather was stiff in the buckles. 1,325 more words


Bits of London

The engine never stops rushing, it’s you who have to┬álinger on the details you want to seize.

Ph. Credits: Massimo Biagi. Nikon D750
Ph. Credits: Damiano Biagi. Nikon D5100.



every corner
we turn brings us the chance to
see what we don’t know