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The World is supposed to be a sphere, without any corners. Fact, partially, and a paradox that made life seem simpler, and easier. It’s funny how the world has its own ways of fooling us, and funnier how we, superior as we may regard ourselves, always get fooled. 330 more words

You asked as if there’d been a choice to not miss you.


Box step - #MoveMondays

One of the easiest move to teach someone as you just need a bit of imagination to picture a box!

Where your feet start are the bottom two corners of the box and all you do is step each foot forwards to imagine the box on the floor. 50 more words


The Dark Corners Of A Bipolar...

Let’s start from top.

I am Simon’s dark Blog . I’m Bipolar, and a little eccentric on the side. I enjoy a ton of stuff, TTRPGs, video games, any show that’s not Games of Thrones, my kids and trying to survive every freaking day that passes. 142 more words


At the Corner: Ten for Today

I don’t know why I bite. I practice keeping my distance, detaching from all the crap around me, only to self-sabotage in weaker moments. Quixotic behavior, fighting windmills, I collapse, fall into the delusion that cyberspace is real, people on Facebook are real. 226 more words


Cutting Corners

I worked out today. It wasn’t actually that bad. At the end of JB Day 1, I decided to end with 3 sets of 5 back tucks. 296 more words


Leeds Corners

These photos were taken around Leeds, where I currently live with my husband and his family. 30 more words