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Thirty-One Words for Peace

Peace in 31 languages including Cornish – kres.  Can you find your own? Do let me know in the comments.

Our friend Paul who is doing a Pilgrimage for Peace is still on his way. 7 more words



I’ve had a bad week , nothing seems to have gone right. I’ve broken my mobile phone, spent £120 and its still not working, one of my Tvs stopped working, my heating boiler is leaking. 602 more words

Cornwall/Kernow: A country in its own right

Country: a territory distinguished by its people, history and language.

The arrival of the first Celtics in Britain was between c1000 – 600 BC and according to some scholars, possibly as early as 2000 BC. 860 more words


Clematis Armandii and A Humanist Farewell

The overnight winds blew off a bunch of buds from the Clematis Armandii so we brought them inside and very soon the buds had opened. 229 more words


National Day

Gool Peran Lowen, Onen Hag Oll

Happy St Piran’s Day, One and All


A Short Walk By The Crooked River

Before I left the house this morning I travelled to the other side of the isle, from North Cornwall to Norfolk in the company of Helen Macdonald. 974 more words


Granite skies. Mordros.

The shade and sound of Kernow.

Bledhen noweth da.