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Introduction to Cornucopianism and Malthusianism

Cornucopianism is the belief that, basically, technology that we haven’t invented yet will solve all of our problems with pesky things like scarcity and physics, and that the more people to invent and use all of that new technology, the better. 1,041 more words


Peak Everything, Backstop Technology and Economic Growth

And interesting, though also frightening characteristic of today’s world is that it seems to be peaking all the time. Peak Oil, Peak Metals, Peak Soil… 1,064 more words


People in 1900 predict our times...

In yesterday’s seminar, we discussed Matthew Rendall’s fascinating article about protecting our grandchildren against climate catastrophe at their own expense. The article builds on the idea that under certain assumptions  233 more words

Cultural Perspectives

Is Greenpeace Cornucopian?

Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, WWF and numerous other environmentalist organizations have been long pressing for a committed global effort to tackle climate change. It is clear that the major issue here is energy production – we desperately need low-carbon energy to keep the Earth’s climatic system in balance. 546 more words

Climate Change

Doom Porn

Kunstler is always a fun read. Well-informed too. But he is a glass-half-empty kind of guy.

He’s got a new one coming out, apparently calling us out for our magical thinking about ‘technology,’ which is a good idea. 13 more words

Chris Cook's take on oil prices

…has little to do with geology, EROI and all that, and everything to do with manipulation by market players. An interesting take, although I don’t get on board with any analyst that completely ignores an entire wing of the mental hospital of energy ideas. 6 more words