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Day 30 of Writing

I’ve taken a few days out from writing whilst I’ve been on holiday with the family in Cornwall. It was a great couple of days eating great food, chilling with my family at the beach, and attempting to stand up on a surf board (I managed it once). 126 more words


Up a Hill and Down Again

After waking up this morning to a steady drizzle running down the windows of my parents house, any plans to repeat our trip to the beach went out of the window. 466 more words


A Week In.... St.Austell,Cornwall

Hi w0rld,

There was a time from the 3rd-10th of August I was in St.Austell Cornwall for a week and what a week it was. I loved it so much because I was there mot only with my Brother and Mom but my Nan, Granddad, Auntie, Uncle and 2 of my cousins. 342 more words

Taking On The W0rld

Down along the Cove

After our early morning landing at Gatwick, we drove down the trusted A303 towards the Southern Jurassic coastline and rolling cliffs of Purbeck. We passed through the small village streets of West Lulworth then down a steep hill towards the picturesque coastline before arriving in Lulworth Cove at the base of the hill. 353 more words


Duck of Penryn 

​Was reunited today with the Duck of Penryn …a rather delinquent two headed mallard that frequently washed itself in muddy creek in the early 2000’s however it had fallen in with a local gang of rogue fowl terrorising mother and toddler groups in the area until I was asked i to ntervene ..eventually I stood on the little fella after he shat (sorry thats what he did ) on a 6 month olds head before stealing a Farleys Rusk from the childs mouth …distressing as it was for the duck I have to say its been a journey …a few tears and a jammie dodger …on my way home now …nite nite duckie. 26 more words