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★Our Border is Horizon

This Sunday, spending time with family, no pressure no worries really inspires the passion filled with positive aura, wished time would slow down every Sunday to rejuvenate ones self. 103 more words


Osprey Hovering In Flight

Osprey’s are one of many fishing birds that will hover in mid-air when they see a potential meal.  To stop themselves they push their wings forward which creates the dramatic shape displayed here. 20 more words


Sandpipers and a Fading Summer Memory

Summer begins to fade. Sandpipers on Corolla Beach, North Carolina.


Fourteen years

In July 2002, we bought a 2003 silver Toyota Corolla.

It’s been a good car and we drove it. A lot. Over 134,000 miles.

Last week, we had it at the dealership and found out that the gas tank is corroding. 183 more words


Ae86 HKS art

I had the pleasure of working on a great project for Nightraid racing’s project ae86. It was to tweak the Japanese anime / HKS design print and wrap the custom aluminum door panels for the car and I must say we knocked it out the park. 15 more words

Day 5 - Corolla

On our way out to get coffee again from Treehouse, Su mentioned there’s a place in Corolla that also has really good coffee. We thought why not drive to Corolla since we haven’t really gone that way. 373 more words