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DANIEL HENNINGER: Hillary vs. 19 Republicans

Wall Street Journal — The GOP free-for-all is better politics than the Democrats’ coronation of Hillary Clinton.

Estimates vary about how many Republicans are after the party’s presidential nomination, but the number 19 keeps coming up. 61 more words


Shining brightly

Light comes at the expense of the source that provides it. An unlit candle does not shine, for burning must come before the light. And we can be of little use to others without a cost to ourselves. 317 more words

Facing The Giants

Coronation Chicken on a bed of honey smoked spring onion leaves

How can you cook the delicious dish?


                         1 tbsp sunflower oil                         125 g spring onions, chopped             4 tsp mild curry paste                    150ml red wine            Zest and juice of 1 lemon              1 tbsp tomato paste            2 tbsp apricot jam                          300ml mayonnaise     150g plain yogurt                           Salt and pepper… 140 more words


Bits and Pieces of the Aachen Cathedral.

Last weekend we visited the city of Aachen, Germany; Charles the Great’s (or Charlemagne’s) old capital! It is a lovely place, but surprisingly small for such an illustrious historical background. 265 more words