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Ndigbo: Royal Highnesses without Royalty

BEYOND RELIGION AND CULTURE: When Ndigbo embraced Kingship, after the era of Igbo enweghi Eze, it became a sacred and highly reverenced stool. Kings were mystics. 475 more words

Nigeria Current Events

The Next 362 Days

Has it really been seven years and three days since President Barack Obama’s first inauguration? The calendar says so, so we have already begun marking off the more or less Constitutionally-guaranteed final 362 days of his presidency on our wall with the grimly optimistic impatience of a prisoner awaiting the end of an unjust sentence, but as bad it’s been it somehow doesn’t seem like seven years and three days. 871 more words


Coronation Day

My coronation day is arriving, ever so slowly, to remind me that I am turning into an adult.  The only affair to be handled is learning how to don the Regalia, while attempting to remind myself of my own apparel with eyes designing a grand future. 121 more words

Ivan The Terrible crowned Russia’s first Czar.

January 16th 1547

Ivan The Terrible crowned Russia’s first Czar.

Although the Grand Prince of Moscow, Ivan IV had already effectively ruled Russia since 1533, he decided to raise the stakes and had himself officially crowned as the first Russian Czar (Caesar) on January 16th 1547. 63 more words

16th Century

15th January 1559: Gloriana begins

On this day in 1559, a 25 year old Elizabeth Tudor was crowned Queen Elizabeth 1 of England and Ireland. Her coronation date had been hand picked by some superstitious old bloke called John Dee. 371 more words