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Fashion Blog Friday: The Coronation Dress

I was already at the point of, “Alright, this isn’t going to happen,” when I got the message back from my dress maker. I had met with her back in the beginning of March and after a few weeks texting pictures back and forth we had solidified prices and fabric for what was going to be my amazing formal dress. 758 more words

My Royal Adventures

The Coronation of Nigel and Adrielle

The Coronation of Prince Nigel and Princess Adrielle was an amazing event!!!

Nigel and Adrielle are the cutest couple (both in and out of the society) and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity over the last year to become close to them! 534 more words


U is for Unction

Unction is a word we don’t hear much isn’t it? The dictionary definitions are :

1. The act of anointing as part of a religious, ceremonial, or healing ritual. 389 more words

Shire News

Want to know what’s happening here in the Shire? Check out our minutes page, or our Facebook page for all the latest news. Better yet, stop by the Spanish Peaks Public Library on the third Wednesday of every month and come to a meeting. 8 more words


The Day The Queen Came To Tea

I was clearing out his old wooden garage on that last warm Sunday, and when I say garage, I don’t think he ever actually kept a car in there. 1,440 more words


Queen Elizabeth's Birthday

Today, April 21st, is Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, and I wanted to celebrate.  After a walk around the Pond in which I visited the nesting goose again, I made a quick batch of scones and put together a tea tray using my Paragon Coronation teacup. 166 more words


Wool Hoods! So do ya like 'dags'?

I was given some beautiful dark blue wool (and a pattern) to make a hood! I was initially  vehemently determined to have nothing to do with liripipes as I was convinced the tail end would get caught in something or used as a leash. 690 more words