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The Open House at the Print Room, Coronet

Quite unlike the previous shows I saw at the Print Room, for The Open House the stage is furnished with a grey, neat, polished set design. 444 more words

Coronet Rapier #3


Double/Triple Exposure

I’m sure this was mean’t to be a double exposure, but it seems like I forgot to wind on and took three images on the same frame. 17 more words

Film Photography

Coronet Rapier #2


Ratae Corieltauvorum

Ratae Corieltauvorum is the Roman name of the city I live in, the town has a long history and this structure is the Jewry Wall a part of a Roman bath house. 26 more words


Coronet Rapier #1


I scanned the negatives from the Coronet Rapier and was pleased with the results, especially as the developer was 20 years old. But there are things I need to improve on, like wearing disposable gloves when loading the film onto the developing spiral, there were finger marks on some of the frames (I’m guessing mine), use hardener in the fixer solution to toughen up the film emulsion, and buy some Tak clothes to get the dust off the glass on the scanner. 68 more words


It Came Out Green


I know these look a bit like samples awaiting the doctors surgery, but they are photo chemicals. Today I thought I’d develop one of the films I took last week on the Coronet Rapier camera. 100 more words


Our Viscount may not wear any coronet (for he is called noble, but he may not be said princely).

–¬†From The Blazon of Gentrie by Sir John Ferne (1586), p133