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Legends of Myself 101

  1. 1961, Burnaby:  Becoming a Family

As I said, the time at the Sunset Auto Court was a time when we were learning to become a family.  1,547 more words


BDSM/Spanking~~ HER OFFICER IN CHARGE ~~ Cover Reveal - Book Trailer





As a stage hypnotist accustomed to playing for crowds at military bases, wrapping men in uniform around her little finger was a way of life for Bella Montgomery… until she met Captain Vince Valenti and suddenly the tables were turned. 297 more words

Erotic Books

Shocking! 9 Countries Still Punishing Homosexuals By Death

Caution! Some of these images could be sensitive to some readers.

The legalisation of same sex marriages becoming a popular act for many nations across the globe – but not for all. 217 more words


The First Thing to Teach Children

When Josh was somewhere between 2 or 3 years old, he was playing in the living room in our apartment in Lake Forest, Illinois (an apartment within a mansion – another story). 295 more words

The Mocking Tone of Pro-spankers

I am sickened and saddened by the harsh, mocking tone of yet another pro-spanking meme circulating Facebook.

It’s as if being hit and/or hitting a child is not serious. 215 more words

Corporal Punishment/Spanking

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Your worst experience during a family dinner

We had company over for supper. It was one of the ladies from church and her youngest son. I was a fat kid who loved to eat. 106 more words

Corporal Punishment

“Are you going to do it hard? Is it going to hurt?”


Josie is a girl all young bargirls fear, and Jasmin is no exception.

451 more words