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Discipline vs Punishment: Trauma free correction

The first time your little angel does something not so angelic catches every doting parent off guard. “Children today are said to be more rebellious and disobedient.” Carol Njeri Gitari, a leading psychologist based at The Karen Hospital and Hermitage Garden notes. 650 more words


The First Kiss

The First Kiss
by Kilted Wookie

Her arse glowed a rosy red from the repeated application of my hand. I could almost feel the heat radiating from its surface. 273 more words


Corporal Punishment

Mrs. Moore was an old woman, yet built like a sumo wrestler. She was my fifth grade teacher at St. Johns. I remember her immense ankles, and the white socks and black shoes that she wore every day. 146 more words

Real Life


I would imagine that if an observer were to enter my punishment chamber while I had Robert secured over the whipping bench, and was enthusiastically decorating his bare bottom with vivid tramlines with one of my many canes, they could be forgiven for thinking that the punishment they were witnessing was not consensual. 1,748 more words


To Spank or not to Spank

Since I can remember, spanking has been a part of my family’s culture- and by that I mean on both sides of my family (mom and dad), if you acted up, showed your azz (figuratively not literally) and basically just lost your mind for any length of time, then you knew you were about to get a spanking. 903 more words