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i'm sick of no one personally accepting responsibility for white collar crimes

the news is abuzz right now with the VW emissions scandal. in case you live under a rock, the company installed software on its cars so that they performed great in emissions testing but in real life driving, they spewed up to 40 times the allowable pollutant levels. 318 more words

Evolutionary Dormancy

The older Generation are constantly critiquing the newer, but they are the ones who’re the most abusive and forceful. They still advocate Corporal Punishment in Child Rearing, despite witnessing a rise in the prevalence of violence in this society. 277 more words

Corporal Punishment

Corportal Punishment Sessions with Headmistress Cornelia and Deputy Head Mistress Teressa.

Spanking is now being administered by our schools Senior Staff members Headmistress Mistress Cornelia (Blonde) and Deputy Head Mrs Cartwright (Brunette). Other teachers are not officially authorised to administer corporal punishment at Mayhem Manor, but Headmistress and Deputy Head are! 199 more words


Birching by two strict femmes, October 2010...

According to Ovid, in the beginning was Chaos. And Chaos was this shapeless uncoordinated mass – nothing but a weight of lifeless matter, whose ill-assorted elements were indiscriminately heaped together. 604 more words


Spare the rod and spoil the child...or is it? 

When I was in law school, we debated the acceptability or otherwise of corporal punishment and I recall students from Zimbabwe, Kenya and Zambia voicing their support. 657 more words