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Anger Management II

My father was an Army officer and a strict disciplinarian, but he was a gentle man by nature and never spanked me when he was angry – except once.  1,090 more words


Daily Prompt: Simplify (A More Austere Time )

If my aim was merely to simplify,

I’m afraid your arse I must dimplify. 

For base as it may seem my love.

Stripping you back is not nearly enough. 81 more words


The Spanking Controversy

A FB friend posted this article about spanking entitled “Children who get spanked by parents are likely to grow up to be abusive.”  It was followed by this caption:   “The study claims that children who are punished by spanking are more likely to turn violent towards their partners, later on in life.” 826 more words


Feel the Burn

I fear that our fearless leader is working too hard. Yesterday, I had to scold her, and remind her that loafing is important too. When she fails to do her share of the loafing, then I have to pick up the slack. 285 more words


On wife beating... and husband beating

A TAFES Associate who is also a psychologist posted on her Facebook profile about why a man might beat (but not kill) his wife. She wasn’t trying to give justification for it, but to unpack what his assumptions or mental situation might be. 1,013 more words

Written By Tamie

fs02: A Domme's View - Arc 3 - Chapter 30

Chapter 30

I prepare myself for Michael’s arrival. I don’t do it for him. This self-care is all for me. I want maximum confidence. I want maximum power. 2,998 more words


A Domina Returns

A Domina Returns …Bearing Tidings of Domination is the latest
story of Mistress Lucy’s Femdom Estate. Debbie Parker returns to the UK for a
brief visit — but not without a male slave in tow! 245 more words