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Thou Shalt Spank...


To spank or not to spank?

Whenever the debate of spanking comes up, often Christians quote the “thou shalt spank” verse: “Spare the rod and spoil the child.”  Sounds good, doesn’t it? 1,115 more words

Family Issues


With regards to what’s been happening in this world lately. I am broken-hearted over the two cop brutality cases. Shooting in a car with a 4-year–old in the backseat is SICK!   199 more words

Corporal Punishment/Spanking

Indecent Assaulter Assaulted Indecently

My latest e-book is called “Indecent Assaulter Assaulted Indecently”. As usual, it is available in the Amazon Kindle Store:


This is quite a harsh story, full of corporal punishment and cruel humiliation, so if that is your thing I am sure you will like it. 212 more words


Gynocracy Park

My latest E-book is called “Gynocracy Park. We Make the Femdom Future.”

“Somewhere in England, there is an amusement park… an amusement park entirely staffed by naked male slaves! 509 more words


The other night my toddler has accidentally broken his vitamin bottle. It fell off his hands to the concrete floor while he’s carrying it. The content spreads through the floor and a portion of it splashed onto the makeshift short table where I put my laptop. 601 more words

Parenting Advice On Discipline

This is What Happens When a Teacher Hits His Student (Photos)

I hate corporal punishment.

I hate that it’s legal in some states in the US. And I hate that terrible teachers use it as a crutch to establish control of their class. 349 more words

Corporal Punishment