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Found Out

In Found Out. A Discovery And Its Consequences, a mature BBW discovers her toy-boy lover’s stash of femdom porn, and, on the advice of a friend, decides that the only way to save their relationship is to introduce real female domination into it. 152 more words


The spanking church

Lori Avery was a star reporter at a local paper. For a while she had heard stories about a church that had only excited for a short time. 721 more words


On Current Corporal Punishment by David R Morgan

There was a young teacher from Staines

Who simply hated the use of Canes;

He had other controls

For deviant souls,

Such as plugging them into the Mains.

by David R Morgan

Under Lucy's Lash

“Under Lucy’s Lash. Further Under The Female Yoke”, is the long-awaiting (one hopes!) sequel to Under The Female Yoke. In that sory, we learned about Roger Hargreave’s trials and tribulations at the hands of a dominant woman. 180 more words


On Corporal Punishment: US Education Secretary Says Stop Hitting Students

Corporal punishment as a form of discipline is being recognized by the United States Education Secretary as a harmful and ineffective act. And according to reports, it is often applied to students of color and with disabilities. 41 more words

Written Work

Education Secretary King Calls For End To Paddling Students

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Education Secretary John King is urging governors and school leaders in states that allow student paddling to end a practice he says would be considered “criminal assault or battery” against an adult. 114 more words


The Problem With Statistics

Statistically speaking, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, just won the 2016 presidential election. She received the majority of the popular vote. Statistically speaking, and in reality, Donald Trump won last week’s election because in the United States we have this thing called the Electoral College, and the billionaire businessman garnered more than enough electoral votes to claim victory. 1,014 more words