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Who Owns a Child?

What is the boundary between parental rights and state responsibility?  Even avowed libertarians will agree that at some point the state has an obligation to insure a child’s well-being. 520 more words


In Noah’s time, post flood, things had changed, just as things had changed after Saul’s conversion on the Road to Damascus.  Makes one wonder that if we were currently living in a post flood world, there would be those still clinging onto vegetarianism and denying corporal punishment because they wouldn’t or were unable to see the changes that occurred pre and post flood, just as they are unable to or refuse to see the change that occurred during the book of Acts, namely that one programme (Israel’s prophetic programme) was being phased out, and another programme (the Dispensation of the mystery) was being phased in.   518 more words


A newspaper mystery & Britain in 1950

I was passing through Kings Cross St Pancras tube station a couple of days ago when I saw. in the Evening Standard bins, some newspapers which were not… 410 more words


The Birchwood Hall Domestic Discipline Trilogy is Nearing Completion

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Scarlett in Kiss Chase – Coming Soon

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Organisations Come Out Against Corporal Punishment

Congratulations to all the esteemed organisations that have spoken out against corporal punishment. The sad reality is though, 19 states in the US continue this practice with no sign that any of those states will change their stance. 77 more words

Corporal Punishment


Wishing you warm, wonderful kisses,

lingering heartfelt hugs,


a bevy of butterflies bursting in your stomach

as he slowly peels off your clothes.

Wishing you slow, tickling caresses, 30 more words

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Resolving Conflict Resolution

Libertarians are a ton of fun, and so are the free-market absolutists, and the Ayn Rand folks. They hold, each in their own way, that if everyone were allowed to do whatever they wanted, with no rules and regulations, and no taxes to pay for the creation and enforcement of rules and regulations, the world would be a wonderful place, a place of amazing innovation and vast new wealth. 3,428 more words

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