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They Said He Would Change

“He’ll change”. They said. Friends and colleagues said he would change. In fact, when we dropped Him off and we had the talk by Major, Major said ‘they’ll change’. 682 more words

Audio: Meet Corporal Mum the mystery blogger

So who is the mystery mum? In this interview clip, Chris Kaye of BFPS speaks to the mystery writer behind the anonymous blogger known as Corporal Mum. 42 more words


A New Year, A New Life

Happy 2016!!  Despite the fact that it’s a new year, it feels as if nothing has changed. Except that I now have to learn how to write the date all over again.  271 more words


Episode 666 - Destination: Corporal!

This world is full of awesome stuff. Every now and then you encounter something that is so cool that you can’t help but be drawn to it. 108 more words

Sensually sadistic tease and denial

I will do tease and denial sessions but on my terms. I prefer to add a more sadistic element in addition to a total mind fuck. 485 more words

Mistress Isadora


Living in Texas, it’s easy see the value and the power of water. In our part of Texas, we are either in drought, or we are in flood. 186 more words


Orvieto After Hours

Many say the Umbria region of Italy is what Tuscany was 30 years ago, but when we arrived midmorning in Orvieto, it felt like a crowded town of daytrippers from Rome.  705 more words