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Nothing like a good old Spanking

Mistress Var has been appointed new HeadMistress as Girls Boarding School UK. She spent the first week getting the girls used to her zero tolerance method of discipline.

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A Lesson From Egypt

*Survival tidbit

No matter which moment in our history we choose to look at, we’re bound to see a society filled with blood and hatred. 633 more words

Moral Reads

Humbling moments in history - A Corporal's Tale

It was the Year of Our Lord 1988, 0527hrs, summertime in Fort Hood, Texas…Battalion-level field evaluations. Young Corporal P was in the T.C. hatch of his dreaded M-901 ITV…three minutes from stand-to (an old Army practice of having the entire Battalion start their armored vehicles in unison so that, in theory, the “enemy” would not know where individual armored vehicles were located…but in practice, the “enemy” knew where your whole damned Battalion was located!) My loader was on guard duty…outside of the track…patrolling (making coffee) and had just woke me up. 1,797 more words

Corporal Boehme

Today would have been the 152nd anniversary of Ludwig and Sarah (Hartung) Boehme.  I have already written a little bit about this couple in a previous post titled, … 750 more words

A Waterloo Winks

To be honest, I never thought I’d be writing about my paternal grandfather’s side of the family on this blog. The Winks’ are a fairly normal line of people. 309 more words


He Bought an American Flag for His First Deployment

This corporal pilot went out and bought himself an American flag for his first active deployment.

He was now under new employment.

He got his first assignment as a fighter pilot for the proud Black Knights. 269 more words




¿ Que es ?

La radiofrecuencia consiste en la aplicación de ondas electromagnéticas de alta frecuencia sobre la piel.Combate los problemas de flacidez corporal y facial. 423 more words