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Why A Company Blog Shouldn’t Talk About The Company?

Blogging is an integral part of social media. Company blog plays an indispensable part for a company website. It’s not for you; it should cater to your customers. 549 more words


Do you need unique meta descriptions for every page?

Recently I was asked whether there’s any point giving every one of your pages a unique meta description.

The answer is maybe.

If you don’t have lots of pages, then creating a compelling and engaging meta description for each makes sense. 388 more words


Connecting across multiple media platforms

The 5th chapter of the Luttrell book; ‘Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect’, is about how corporations use self-publishing tools to connect with consumers, across multiple media platforms with organized content.   279 more words

7 tips for a successful corporate blog

  • Update your blog regularly
  • Keep the content simple, interesting, topical, current and fresh
  • Write for people, not search engines. There are creative ways to be recognised by search engines without compromising on the quality of the piece of writing.
  • 64 more words

Putting things into perspective

Close your eyes and briefly try to imagine 175 million people.  The picture below is just a tiny fraction of that many people.  Kaplan and Haenlien (2010) write an article titled “Users of the world, unite! 321 more words

How to Promote your business through Corporate gifting ?


           Business gifts have always been popular mainly because of two reasons. The first one would be the gesture and effort that is put into the gift. 361 more words

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Are blogs detrimental or helpful to your company?

Blogs over the years have increasingly become a handy marketing tool for businesses to reach out and connect with customers. With the majority of buyers using the Internet to search for products and services, it is beneficial for companies to have a  461 more words