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Corpoholic’: pro’s of keeping a job in a ‘corporate’ environment

That’s precisely a moment where I took out my shoes … and objectively list main  pros’ of being part of not-so-horrible corporate machine
  1. Regular and quite not bad salary.

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'What next' 2017 brings to You?

Shall 2017 be a good year for me? Corporate life is similar to keeping on board of little boat in the middle of ocean. There are corporate sharks around. 83 more words


Let’s face it. Technology would take our jobs away

Technology would take our current jobs away, starting from corporate, finishing on mid-size and small companies operating on their little local markets, today still believing corporate reality would not affect the way they work? 232 more words


‘Corpoholic’: cons’s of keeping a job in a ‘corporate’ environment

1. Working in corporate does not sound very ‘sexi’

People are omitting to admit they are part of corporate. When I ask my collegaues usually they use brands their work for, like Coca Cola, General Electric or Mars. 413 more words


'Corpoholic': pro's of keeping a job in a 'corporate' environment

Since 22 years I’m corpoholic … I hold managerial position …. I’m woman … and I’m Blond … 

Do You feel like being stuck in a matrix organisation with endless procedures, bush of hierarchies, relations and structures?  955 more words

Benefits Of Corporate

Do you need unique meta descriptions for every page?

Recently I was asked whether there’s any point giving every one of your pages a unique meta description.

The answer is maybe.

If you don’t have lots of pages, then creating a compelling and engaging meta description for each makes sense. 388 more words


Connecting across multiple media platforms

The 5th chapter of the Luttrell book; ‘Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect’, is about how corporations use self-publishing tools to connect with consumers, across multiple media platforms with organized content.   279 more words