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Tax (Break) Day - Truthout

Listening to what corporate America has to say about their taxes, one might draw the conclusion that the US tax system places an unequal burden on big business.

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Here I am again, reminding people that the workers at Crown Holdings are still on strike, the company keeps making cans with replacement workers and they keep making money. 105 more words

Vegan Trove Podcast Ep 2: Speciesism and Other Forms of Discrimination

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Animal Ethics

The Breakfast Club

Over at Ethika Politika I responded to David Shaftel’s piece Brunch Is for Jerks, arguing that brunch is a response towards corporate capitalism. In other words, brunch is a way of creating traditions in a society where our economic structure is often at odds with human flourishing. 317 more words

Beware: The Army of Nope

There’s a great video online of a bearded dragon marauding a field full of innocent crickets. The video has subtitles that give voice to the thoughts of both the dragon and the crickets. 813 more words

"We Have to Understand the Game. We Are All Playing it." Arundhati Roy on Capitalism

Transcribed from the 11 October 2014 episode of This is Hell! Radio and printed with permission. Edited for space and readability. Listen to the full interview: 2,503 more words

This Is Hell!

Class War? And More...

I often think that we are like the adult circus elephants tethered to a small stake with an even smaller chain. Here, especially page 5, is how that works…

Be Careful Who You Listen To!