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Middleclass Capitalistic System a Talk on keeping the American Dream Alive

(This is a draft of a YouTube talk)

This is a discussion on how we can keep the American Dream alive while implementing new technology. Basically it is made up of three parts two of which are how American employees should be compensated and the third is how corporations should operate in United States in order that a middle-class wage is paid to employees. 1,010 more words


How The Oligarchs Plan To Steal The Election (video)

Failure Of Democracy

I am now convinced that the Oligarchy that rules America intends to steal the presidential election. In the past, the oligarchs have not cared which candidate won as the oligarchs owned both. 926 more words


Träbåtens Dag!

Every year in Borka, the harbour is invaded by wooden boats (träbåten). This is a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate, summer and these beautiful traditional craft. 607 more words

The Brexit Iceberg, Take Three

Maybe this whole mess is going to be a good thing, after all. Why? Because it is yet another golden opportunity to have a public discussion about why the times are so out of joint. 378 more words

Politics Today

I Was Accepted to University.

I got an e-mail notifying me of my acceptance to the one university that I applied to yesterday.

I haven’t felt much about it other than the sudden absence of worry that I might not get in. 826 more words

Unless It Changes, Capitalism Will Starve Humanity By 2050 - Forbes

Capitalism has generated massive wealth for some, but it’s devastated the planet and has failed to improve human well-being at scale. • Species are going extinct at a rate 1,000 times faster than that of the natural rate over the previous 65 million years (see Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School). 100 more words