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For those who don’t know, Adam4d sold the Babylon Bee, as you can see here, I sold The Babylon Bee. It’s a good article, you should read it because he speaks of the bottleneck, the blockade, some of the issues around having Google, Facebook, control the content, manipulate the conversation when it comes to what gets published and what doesn’t. 494 more words

Death Toll At Hands Of US Military - 2.4 Million And Rising?

As the world looks on in horror at Donald Trump’s approach to Middle Eastern diplomacy, we can only wonder at how bad it’s going to get when it all kicks off. 99 more words


US Federal Apparatus Stifling Free Speech?

The issue of the ‘Free media’ is spoken of a lot these days. Debate rages around what constitutes Free Speech. Who exactly determines what is and isn’t appropriate? 120 more words


Israel Dragging US Into World War III?

This article looks at the role Israel is playing in encouraging the US to become involved in a full-on confrontation with the major powers in the Middle East. 35 more words


Company boards are stacked with friends of friends. So how can we expect change? - Analysis & Opinion - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Social connections drive board appointments and more than two-thirds of directors in the 200 largest public companies are on the board of multiple companies. So whoever replaces ex-AMP chairwoman Catherine Brenner will likely be drawn from a small pool of people.

145 more words

Kyle Kulinski on the Ineffectiveness of Mainstream Corporate Media

I thought I would post a video from one of my favourite Independent Media producers, a chap from the United States named Kyle Kulinski. I’ve been enjoying much of Kyle’s work over the last six months, and I think he talks a lot of sense when it comes to calling out the ineffectiveness of mainstream corporate media. 198 more words

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Corporate consolidation by brand

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This picture is but a drop in the ocean of corporate consolidation. When you read about an increase of M&A (mergers and acquisitions) it is usually an indication that rich people (using the corporations they own) have just stolen a great deal of money from you, legally (because the rich write the laws) and/or illegally. 120 more words