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A Bit of Conspiracy (Fun)

As I was peeling potatoes for shepard’s pie I was suddenly struck with the realization that I was wasting 10% of the potato due to the lack of the little poker at the end of the peeler that we always had during the depression. 215 more words

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True Stories

“Corporatization has changed what journalism is about in a very basic way. Journalism is about communication. It is about information. It is about connecting to your society. 2,325 more words


Govt. minister OR Corporate mouthpiece

I listened to the replay of a program with the NZ associate minister (Drug policy) of health & ask the following.. is he a Govt. minister… 269 more words

The story of Automation

John Lanchester for the LRB provides a very interesting discussion of the effect automation has and will have on our societies and economies, in the course of a review of two books on the subject. 443 more words

The story of Facebook vs The Internet

According to Leo Mirani of Quartz, millions of people on Facebook have no idea they’re using the internet:

This is more than a matter of semantics.

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Net Neutrality in Plain English

Net neutrality has been going on for a lot longer than just the recent events. The government and major corporations have been trying to take control of the internet for years as a means to control what the public learns about, persuade public opinion, and enslave the minds of the citizens of the world. 378 more words

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