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Mindful Eating

disclaimer this is personal based out of my own life and research.

There are many reasons for changing ones diet. To lose weight, to tone up, to deal with sickness, and allergy, finances, ethics and much more. 841 more words


SEC Enforcement Actions Highlight the Intelligence to Be Found in Corporate Control Contests

By: David A. Holley

Berkeley Research Group’s Global Investigations + Strategic Intelligence experts provide a unique service to boards of directors and their advisors involved in contests for corporate control. 830 more words

David Holley

Let's Get Mad!

Television.We’ve lost our heads to it, replaced our heads with it seems. We’re too busy being entertained to think. The media is pulling the strings, and we’re their puppets. 738 more words

Should the individual have more control?

“Fascist state control”, “Government controls us all” and “we have no freedom left” are words I often hear whenever there’s any debate at all related to when the Government wants to restrict or control something. 762 more words


The "Canadian Economy?"

Following my last post where I look at Statistic Canada’s analysis of intergenerational income in Canada without coming to any conclusions, today, I intend to make one specific point. 399 more words



Isn’t it shocking how Trump is filling his Cabinet with billionaire CEOs after promising to “drain the swamp”? But why are you surprised and keep posting about it? 309 more words

Single Payer Health Care Will Raise Taxes - I Call Bullshizzle

One of the CONSTANT droning mantras of Big Pharma, Big Medicine et al is that we cannot afford to offer health insurance to everyone in the country because it will raise taxes through the roof and we will all suffer a huge economic battering. 524 more words