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Corporate consolidation by brand

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This picture is but a drop in the ocean of corporate consolidation. When you read about an increase of M&A (mergers and acquisitions) it is usually an indication that rich people (using the corporations they own) have just stolen a great deal of money from you, legally (because the rich write the laws) and/or illegally. 120 more words


1984 - Abby Martin Explains Orwell's Literary Masterpiece/Orwell's Last Interview/Animated Short

Here the famous investigative journalist, Abby Martin, engages in an examination of George Orwell‘s futuristic novel. It’s both frightening and amazing that Orwell competently predicted the future that we now call today. 88 more words


Survival - The Importance of Independent Voices, Media and Creativity

Yep. Another quite heavy, serious post but I firmly believe this needs writing and talking about. One day soon I promise I will write more about Timelords and Ponies, but for now… 1,119 more words

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Empire Files - Colombia As The Most Prolific Country For Murder Of Socialists

In this episode, Abby Martin investigates the increase in the murder of social activists, socialists and human rights activists since the ceasefire called by FARC. 78 more words


Random Observations and Thoughts

1) I was walking along University Ave. in Berkeley and had my way blocked by a group of people. There was something odd about the scene that took a moment to comprehend. 734 more words


Luke Kelly - For What Died The Sons Of Róisín?

This poem, recited by Luke Kelly, is a strong statement upon the corporate control that Ireland suffers from still.

James Connolly was correct when he said, 78 more words