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Whoopsie Daisy...

I read an excellent article by a mate of mine yesterday about the imminent demise of high-street stalwart HMV. He argued that this result stems from the bloated excess of the biggest record companies, who continued to party hard and flash the cash while the rest of us downloaded music for free off the internet. 256 more words

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Playing the 'Freedom' Card

The effort by the lame-duck Republican legislature in Michigan to ram through a so-called “right-to-work’ law is a subversion of democracy, pure and simple. What they could not accomplish through the electoral process, these Republicans intend to do with a blatant power play. 1,048 more words

Corporatism and Communism: Too Close for Comfort?

Today I actually agreed with the opinions expressed in an article at HuffingtonPost. Don’t worry; I’m not abandoning the moderate ship, small and leaky as it is. 249 more words


Outraged Over AIG Bonuses? Help End Corporate Excesses

Note:  Thursday, March 19th ….  “Americans in cities nationwide will hold demonstrations at the offices of major banks and other corporations to demand more responsible corporate behavior and call on Congress to enact the change that will make it happen ⎯ employee free choice and healthcare reform.”  … Click here for more info

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The Golden Parachute Survives

by: Mike Lillis, The Washington Independent
October 3, 208

The creators of the financial mess may go unpunished.

For supporters of the Bush administration’s $700-billion Wall Street bailout, it stands as a key selling point: a provision that limits pay packages for the heads of companies helped by the taxpayer-funded rescue program. 918 more words

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