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The Civilized Choice Is Going Extinct- Savage Barbarians rule the World

by Katherine Frisk

Is the human race a total, utter and complete lost cause? It deludes itself with lies at every turn. It creates illusions for itself to justify theft, greed, murder and slavery of its own species. 2,004 more words

World At War

Collapsing Earnings Forecast Serious Market Correction Ahead

Consistent declines in earnings have preceded a major market crash in both of the last two Government driven economic collapses. As you can see, recent earnings reports continue to show the same pattern of decline and the market is attempting to resist the physics of that gravity well. 10 more words

Government Failures

Progressives Control It All

From Mises.

Here’s what we all know, but may not have fully processed:

  • Progressives overwhelmingly control both major political parties in the US;
  • Progressives control the federal judiciary, along with all federal departments and agencies;
  • 183 more words
Government Failures

Washington Launches Its Attack Against BRICS. The Destabilization of Brazil and Argentina

Having removed the reformist President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Washington is now disposing of the reformist President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff.

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, 564 more words

Economic Report

Here We Go: Wall Street Bank Disciplines Employee Over Support for Trump

In what could be an ominous sign of things to come in the land of enforced diversity and stifling political correctness, a major Wall Street megabank has disciplined an employee over his support for Republican front-runner Donald Trump. 567 more words

War On Trump

Argentina Revisited – One Month on. Towards a Neoliberal “Democratic Dictatorship”

Argentina – a new dictator is born. Actually no, he has just been elected. – Or, was he? – It appears like the newly elected Mauricio Macri is the most fascist and dictatorial President since the Videla military era. 1,342 more words

The International Reporter

Private Armies, Daesh, The CIA and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. . . Yes, it's all about sovereignty, and Putin and many others understand this! ~J

By Katherine Frisk
November 22, 2015

My fellow Americans, have you completely, utterly and totally lost your frigging minds?

…by Katherine Frisk,

Daesh/ISL is a private army, with private funding and with no oversight from any government. 2,148 more words


Ramola D reblogged this on The EveryDay Concerned Citizen and commented:

Re-blogged, with thanks, to Jean Haines of Co-creating Our Future on Planet Earth, and Katherine Frisk, author of Jesus was a Palestinian, and columnist at Veterans Today. Thank you for this tremendously inspiring post.  (Full article at Veterans Today.) Clear thinking and speaking on the TTP, the TTIP, and what they represent: not capitalism, not "free" markets or "free" trade, but corporate fascism, the razing of sovereignty, and the total destruction of nation-states, worldwide. 

Excerpt from toward end of article: "By signing the TTIP agreements, Daesh and the CIA could sue the French government for loss of income should they attempt to put a stop to the ongoing terrorist war in Syria. Because, they are private corporations and these laws would cut into their oil profits.

President Putin asked this question during his speech at the UN:

Do you know what nation-state sovereignty is?

TPP-ISIS_OIL_20140911_isis_0I put it to you. Any country that signs either the TPP or the TTIP is not only kissing their nation-state sovereignty goodbye, but is opening the door for private, corporate armies who can sue any government should either their laws or their policies cut into their profits.

If France had signed the TTIP, the CIA and in turn Daesh and the companies and people on Putin’s list, would be able to sue them for any and all actions taken against Daesh in Syria because this would cut into their oil profits. AND, they would get away with it.

See: We are also tired of Raytheon Corporation and their love affair with ISIS and al Nusra.– Their continual supply of missiles to terrorist organizations is not an accident and the management of Raytheon needs to be held accountable and should be arrested, tried and convicted, not just in the US, but Iraq and Syria as well for “material support of terrorism.”

But, but they are getting gobs of cheap oil! And anyone who stops them or Daesh/ISIL, under the TTIP or TTP agreements can be sued for loss of profits!

I am not an American, however I am going to use poetic licence here:
My fellow Americans, have you completely, utterly and totally lost your frigging minds? This is NOT capitalism. This is CORPORATE FASCISM, a feudal system where you are the peasants on the plantation with no property rights, no legal representation and no say whatsoever in how your country is run. Your Constitution and Bill of Rights will count for nothing and not even be worth the paper it is written on!  

Spin this concept out to its ultimate conclusion. Include NATO, CIA, NSA, HAARP, NASA, The Banks, Google, the Internet, Monsanto, Wall Mart, Big Pharma, with NO GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT! And they get their own private armies and law courts that are secret and closed. A one world government yes, but one in which you have no part and certainly no congressman to speak for you.

Also keep in mind that no American will own their own property, this will be owned by the Corporations; run their own farm, this will be Corporate farming with patented genetically modified seeds and breeding; own their own business, all businesses will be owned by a handful of large corporations; and health care will be decided on your age and profitability.

If you are too old and your earning capacity and usefulness is no longer viable for any reason, age just being one, they will just let you die. This will be extended to patenting human DNA and you will have to get authorization to have children. All human DNA will be owned and controlled by these corporations.

They will no doubt also include micro chip ID passes where depending on where you fit in the grid, you will only be allowed to move between certain areas and in other areas you will be denied access. An Apartheid system. Because, you are corporate property. And as such you have no rights. Detention without trial will become the norm.

Time is running out. Take action: