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GrubHub CEO Tells Trump Supporting Employees to Get The Hell Out

In what may be a move that he will end up regretting, a disgruntled Hillary Clinton backing CEO is taking her loss hard and going on the attack against employees who voted for Donald Trump. 519 more words

LIberal Hypocrisy

Political Correctness Nazis Stomp Their Jackboots as Milo Yiannopoulos is Booted from Twitter

The wave of alarming attacks on free speech in late stage in late stage Obamastan have claimed another victim. Breitbart’s tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been permanently exiled by Twitter for tweets deemed to be incompatible with the star chamber of those pushing a crushing forced diversity that stifles offending voices. 584 more words

Liberal Fascism

Top British Think Tank: Brexit is a “Serious Blow” to TTIP

The tyrannical corporate trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), is increasingly facing a multitude of challenges that threaten to derail the entire agreement. 646 more words


The Civilized Choice Is Going Extinct- Savage Barbarians rule the World

by Katherine Frisk

Is the human race a total, utter and complete lost cause? It deludes itself with lies at every turn. It creates illusions for itself to justify theft, greed, murder and slavery of its own species. 2,004 more words

World At War

Collapsing Earnings Forecast Serious Market Correction Ahead

Consistent declines in earnings have preceded a major market crash in both of the last two Government driven economic collapses. As you can see, recent earnings reports continue to show the same pattern of decline and the market is attempting to resist the physics of that gravity well. 10 more words

Government Failures

Progressives Control It All

From Mises.

Here’s what we all know, but may not have fully processed:

  • Progressives overwhelmingly control both major political parties in the US;
  • Progressives control the federal judiciary, along with all federal departments and agencies;
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Government Failures