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Posted by Thomas Baldwin, March 9, 2015

Biloxi, MS

This is an important collection of web posts and blogs on the critical nature of the Fast Track and TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) trade agreements about to be considered in Congress and being strongly supported by Barack Obama. 4,936 more words


The GOP is in the pole position to reignite with ferocity the cold steel of America's extinguished engine of greatness; but instead we'll get Jeb Bush

I only care about the GOP to the extent that a Libertarian candidate can infiltrate it, overcome the obscenely bloated Wall Street financier and Fortune 50 corporate crony electioneering, secure the Presidential office, and ram through the most devastating and destructive legislation that America has ever seen, doing to Big Government what several hundred tons of dynamite would do when placed strategically within the foundation of the tallest building on earth. 657 more words

Government Failures

The Truth About Net Neutrality

If you believe in freedom and liberty, you must oppose any attempt by the Government to enforce, regulate, legislate or in any way coerce or usurp the internet, and this includes the upcoming FCC “Net Neutrality” takeover under the false flag of fairness for all. 410 more words

Government Tyranny

$100,000 Income? That's just the new middle class.

The following article by Craig Guillot drives the point home…that $100,000 just isn’t going to cut it anymore. In the 80’s when I was in High School, $100,000 in annual earnings meant you’d have more than you ever needed. 1,542 more words

Government Tyranny

From NAFTA to Absolute Corporate Dominance of the World's Economies

I found this interesting article on Der Spiegel’s online news site. The article (link below) discusses European concerns about the TTIP. The Atlantic version of the TPP is causing alarm among the citizens of EU countries.  274 more words


Consumer Consent

I’ve come to the conclusion that labor unions are no longer a viable tool to rally support; their days as powerful democratic institutions have come and pass. 528 more words