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Agenda 2030 - the practically undisguised roadmap to global socialism and corporatism/fascism

Folk need to see right through the Agenda 2030 spin they’ve been spinning since they first introduced this idea in the early ’90s. Since that time have we ever seen any so called ‘sustainable’ practices? 674 more words


America’s Broken Democracy

❝ US President Donald Trump’s ravings against the 2015 Paris climate agreement are partly a product of his ignorance and narcissism. Yet they represent something more.

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Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban: George Soros is “an open enemy of the euro” (Video)

 Katherine Frisk note:

There are not many things that Jonas E Alexis and I agree on, especially our differing views on Christianity and the Old Testament , but …..   1,908 more words


The Illuminati Goal Of Abolishing Private Property: Reborn In Globalism

There is a direct line from Adam Weishaupt’s secret society, the Illuminati, which he formed in Bavaria in 1776, to Karl Marx, and onward to the modern Globalist agenda.  1,105 more words


Amazon & Walmart Drive Down Healthcare Insurance Prices

Well, they would, if they had the same access to offer healthcare insurance as they do for groceries, since they are now engaged in a… 438 more words

Government Failures

DNA and Employee Rights: Voyeruism in the Workplace?


I heard this story on the news the other day and couldn’t believe my ears.  In a move that even Orwell couldn’t have dreamed up while tripping on acid, HR 1313 passed the House committee with unanimous approval by the members’ Republicans, while being opposed by its remaining Democrats.  399 more words