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No Voice Calls Please!

A Letter to the District of Columbia’s Office of Police Complaints

Explaining Why I Don’t Speak on the Telephone

NSA Headquarters, Fort Meade, Maryland

The NSA collects and stores all meta-data and voice calls transmitted over telephones. 577 more words


Facebook enlists left-wing Politifact and Snopes to censor criticism of Democrats

This week, I was appalled to see that the Babylon Bee, a Christian satire web site, was attacked by Facebook for writing a satire critical of the radically leftist CNN. 1,100 more words


Do You Speak English - Show Me the Button

Of English, Incompetent Employees, and Communism

If you cannot find the “10” “numeral” – that’s right, Numeral, on the keypad, that is because it does not exist; at least not if you are communicating in English, or any of the other language groups of the Western Hemisphere of the planet – even Spanish. 316 more words



Here is the De-classifed FISA Memo that many in the Congress, as well as the FBI and the DoJ has been trying to hide from the American People.  6 more words


The cheapening of American public discourse ... and its consequences

What do Noam Chomsky, Colin Kaepernick, and our family dog, Callie, all have in common?

Last night in the wee hours of the morning my wife woke me to help her take care of a sick dog. 1,389 more words

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