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How the Clinton's budget ruined the American economy


Bill Clinton is giving the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention tonight.The idea is to make people feel nostalgic for the last time when the economy was really booming, and hope that some of that rubs off on Obama. 1,253 more words


List of the Illuminati Committee of 300

Current Membership List of The Illuminati “Committee of 300”!

Current Membership List of The Illuminati “Committee of 300”!

  • Below is the 300 names which make up the Illuminati Committee of 300.
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Government Conspiracy

Hell Week in the Economy - Sign of Things to Come

Hell week for the global economy, signs of things to come

The developing Epocalypse will become the super-volcano of economic history, and this week revealed cracks in the surface that give hints of the eruption to come.

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Monsanto Pyriproxyfen suspected of causing microcephaly


A report published by Médicos de Pueblos Fumigados (Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Villages) of Argentina on February 3, 2016 discounts the theory that the growth in the number of cases of babies born with microcephaly in Brazil during the past year are due to the Zika virus transmitted by mosquitoes. 416 more words


Disparity between rich and poor is growing


Experts have long known that rich people generally live longer than poor people. But a growing body of data shows a more disturbing pattern: Despite big advances in medicine, technology and education, the longevity gap between high-income and low-income Americans has been widening sharply. 312 more words


What to do about NASDAQ free fall


Even after the slide, Nasdaq stocks are more expensive than the broad market.


Investors Have Lost $1.78 Trillion So Far This Year

Japan and Other Asian Markets Fall After Share Sell-Offs Hit Europe and the U.S. 654 more words


Monsanto put on trial


The Organic Consumers Association, IFOAM International Organics, Navdanya, Regeneration International (RI) and Millions Against Monsanto, joined by dozens of global food, farming and environmental justice groups announced last week that they will put… 511 more words