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Survey Roundup: Fearing the Fraud Within

A look at some recent surveys and reports dealing with risk and compliance issues. Send surveys and reports to wsjrisk@wsj.com.

Ben DiPietro

Inside Job: 307 more words

Paul Stramer: An Affidavit and Lien Has Been Filed Against the Cabal in Mesa County, Colorado -- That Will Change Everything!

Thanks to Arnie Rosner at Scanned Retina for this find. Re-posting (in part) the commentary by Paul Stramer on the recent Affidavit and Lien filed in Colorado, by Judge Anna von Reitz and many others, posted earlier at… 371 more words


Libertarians Just Love Corporations!

One of my personal favorite fallacies to hear from people about libertarianism is that it would let all the corporations run wild with their obscene profits and screw over the consumer. 166 more words

Government Subsidized Business

Exxon and Climate Change - Which Lie Did I Tell?

Master storyteller and Hollywood screenwriter William Goldman has written numerous novels, plays, screenplays, and texts on the art of writing. His credits include Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Marathon… 744 more words

DieselGate and the Fall of VW

Out of the blue, Volkswagen — in September 2015 the largest automobile manufacturer on the planet and a powerful and respected exemplar of corporate excellence — got caught in public with its pants around its ankles, performing unspeakable acts on its smog-control obligations. 862 more words