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Alla Prima - Chocolata

A new brand identity for a newly established chocolate house.

Corporate Identity

The Many Murals of the Victoria Line (London, UK)

It’s a picture-heavy, rather than text-heavy, article this week. First though, some context…

The Victoria line is arguably the nadir of London Underground design. Opened in stages between 1969 and 1971, it did so against a background of under-investment, terrible industrial relations (as with London Underground, so with Britain as a whole, to be honest) declining passenger numbers, and an apparent complete neglect of London Underground/London Transport’s considerable design heritage. 1,471 more words


Your Business Identity Says It All...

For you what may just be cards, envelopes, letterheads and other files and folders with your logo on it may be observed by others very closely. 267 more words

Affordable Corporate Identity Dubai

Transport Adventures in Hong Kong (Airport Express corporate identity development 1993-98)

I’ve long had the corporate identities for Hong Kong’s Airport Express and Mass Transit Railway (MTR) on my to-do list. The identities were/are trend-setting pieces of design which strongly influenced later railway corporate identities around the world, not least in the UK. 2,654 more words


Moses & Taps™ 'Corporate Identity' at Golden Hands Gallery, Hamburg

  • Note: I didn’t attend this show in person, only through images released online

Since it’s inception, graffiti has always been about branding. If you saw a tag, throw up or piece delivered from one side of a city to another, there should be enough visual points to confirm that it was by the same person. 977 more words


Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/14~

What Flemish cartographer created, in 1570, the first modern Atlas with uniformly sized maps in a systematic collection?

What German artist, architect, and designer is most famous for his work with the company AEG?

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Visual Arts

Fly the Formal Skies (BOAC corporate identity 1946-1974)

I first encountered BOAC’s corporate identity aged seven (proving once again that this blog has been in preparation in my subconscious for rather longer than I initially realised), at my grandparents’ house. 1,879 more words