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Print and Retail Superimpositions

I have carefully chosen mockups that would express the aesthetic of the business and clearly communicate and visualise the importance of the content.

Corporate Identity

Content Designing [2]

When designing my content, I wanted to display a flair for creativity that would express the forward-thinking and alternative imagery that is explored within the business. 132 more words

Corporate Identity

Content Designing

I chose to produce a manual that was of a near square size, something that would correspond well with the dimensions of the corporate marque. 121 more words

Corporate Identity

The Marque [3]

I continued on with the marque, and wanted to introduce a graphic feature that would stand as an iconic memorable feature of the brand.

I tried using the paint brush tool, which allowed me to display the creativity element that I wanted within the brand image and ‘personal’ feel that can be suggested with ‘vintage’. 166 more words

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

In corporate identity we have been designing logos for shops. I chose to design a logo for a comic book shop named Atomic Comics and I have came down to 3 different design concepts. 109 more words

CORPORATE IDENTITY / Assignment Progress / Week 3 - 4

For the past 2 weeks my group has been working on logo sketches for the corporation that we are rejuvenating – Jasa Marga. We also brainstormed further on building Jasa Marga’s brand image, by coming up with several keywords that we want to emphasise. 74 more words

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