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Income Inequality May Take Toll on Growth - NYTimes.com

Income inequality has soared to the highest levels since the Great Depression, and the recession has done little to reverse the trend, with the top 1 percent of earners taking 93 percent of the income gains in the first full year of the … 11 more words


Schumpeter: Bargain bosses | The Economist

THE idea that American bosses are obscenely overpaid is conventional wisdom, and not just among the true believers at the Democratic convention. The New York Times complains of “fat paychecks to chief executives who, by many measures, don’t deserve them.” Forbes, hardly the in-house journal of Occupy Wall Street, frets that CEO pay is “gravity-defying”. 15 more words


Citigroup Shareholders Reject Executive Pay Plan - NYTimes.com

In a show of frustration about Wall Street pay, Citigroup’s shareholders on Tuesday voiced their disapproval of the bank’s plan to award …

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America’s Unlevel Field - NYTimes.com

Last month President Obama gave a speech invoking the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt on behalf of progressive ideals — and Republicans were not happy. Mitt Romney, in particular, insisted that where Roosevelt believed that … 8 more words


Public Views of Inequality, Fairness and Wall Street - Pew Research Center

Roughly three-quarters of the public (77%) say that they think there is too much power in the hands of a few rich people and large corporations in the United States. 46 more words


The Poor, the Near Poor and You - NYTimes.com

What is it like to be poor? Thankfully, most Americans do not know, at least not firsthand. And times are tough for the middle class. But everyone needs to recognize a chilling reality: One in three Americans — 100 million people — is either … 11 more words


The Rising Age Gap in Economic Well-Being - Pew Research Center

Older adults have made dramatic gains relative to younger adults in their economic well being during the past quarter century, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of data from two key U.S. 78 more words