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Why Human Resources need to engage with cyber security

You may think that cyber security is something for your IT department to manage. If you work in Human Resources, you need to think again. Because cyber security is very much your responsibility. 1,447 more words

Social Media Risk Management

Eight steps to change cyber security culture

Hackers are always a problem. And naturally, your IT Department has network security buttoned down. But they are probably more worried about something else: you and your colleagues. 986 more words

Social Media Risk Management

Tell us about gender biased discriminatory policies in companies

Creating new policies only for women employees and giving them preferential treatment in the name of gender equality is not new.

If as a man you are not able to raise your voice to your HR, let others know in this anonymous survey how companies create gender bias and discrimination against men (present or past company, please write the company name)- 1,168 more words

Gender Bias

Let’s celebrate community giving!

What I’ve enjoyed most about working in various Community Relations roles throughout my career is connecting with amazing people who are out there creating opportunities to build up communities. 368 more words


for organization leaders---a quote from Larry Osborne

“the policies down the hall always trump the vision on the wall”

Larry Osborne


So, does your biz have a social media policy?

Even though we now shop online, bank online, and even find our spouses online, there are still folks out there meeting news of vicious social media attacks with, “It’s just the internet. 802 more words

You cannot ensure you will not have a data breach, but can you insure against it?

For insurance companies, each large scale data breach news story is like free advertising for data breach protection policies. Due to the increased awareness, more business are purchasing policies to protect against the risks of insurance, according to a recent story in the Boston Globe and reports from insurer Liberty Mutual. 192 more words

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