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Tessa M. Szwagierczak

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Tessa Szwagierczak Professional Corporation
Lacombe, Alberta, Canada
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Field: General Accounting

Tessa M. Szwagierczak has always had a passion for small businesses, as she feels that they are oftentimes forgotten, and not given the time they need or deserve to really develop. 230 more words


Circumstances where an entity may change its accounting policies

An entity may change its accounting policy (under IAS 8) only where required by a standard or if it leads to producing more relevant and reliable information in the financial statements about the effects of transactions, other events or conditions on the entity’s financial position, financial performance or cash flows. 556 more words


The significance of judgement and materiality in selecting accounting policies.

The selection of accounting policies in the preparation of financial statements is important in providing consistency, comparability and clarity, to users of those statements. In general, entities do not have a great deal of discretion, but must follow the accounting policies required by IFRS, that are relevant to the particular circumstances of the entity. 354 more words


The Impact of Management Judgement on IFRS Financial Statements

In general it is likely that management judgement will have a greater impact on FS prepared under IFRS, than under local GAAP, however the level of impact depends on how developed local GAAP was before IFRS implementation. 213 more words


Transformation to IFRS - changes in accounting practices and inconsistencies in Financial Statements

There is a great deal of work for many companies who implement the IFRS, particularly for those companies in countries where local GAAP has not been so onerous. 574 more words


IFRS 13 - Principles of Fair Value Measurement

IFRS 13 Fair Value measurement defines fair value as, ‘the price that would be received to sell an asset or paid to transfer a liability in an orderly transaction between market participants at the measurement date’. 503 more words


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