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The Sorry State of Corporate Scientology

Natalie Hagemo came across an interesting thread on Facebook.  It was initiated by one Ed Bryan.  Eddie is using an L. Ron Hubbard quote that describes David Miscavige and his minions (including himself, and all the 34 kool aid drinkers who punched ‘like’ on the post) while acting as if it applies to those who have ceased the kool-aid addiction. 1,334 more words

Dave Fagen Has Something To Say

Dave Fagen – My Side of the Story

My name is Dave Fagen. I was on staff for 25 years in theChicago org of the Church of Scientology. 603 more words

Founder of Scientology Net Nanny

Windhorse mentioned the infamous Scientology Inc Net Nanny software in a comment to the last post.   The software was presented as a template to set Scientologists up on the goofy, retro ‘Scientologist’ networking site.   137 more words

Idle Buffalo Scientology Organization

In November 2002 David Miscavige unveiled his first showcase Idle Org in Buffalo, New York.  Appended below is Miscavige’s order issued just prior to Buffalo’s grand opening to ensure the place would be crawling with public and expanding for the whole world to see. 188 more words

David Miscavige on the Internet and Scientology

Attached is but one of dozens of utterances of David Miscavige that are recorded and  excerpted by his staff and delivered to International Scientology Inc Management as orders on a daily basis.   1,096 more words


Scientology Inc "Justice"

The following is what L Ron Hubbard had to say about the state of the United States Department of Justice’s investigative arm in 1979.  Irrespective of how exaggerated his rancor might have been about the target of his wrath, it seems to me to be a rather chillingly accurate description of David Miscavige’s Scientology Inc in the year 2012. 650 more words