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Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability

In a recently published book chapter,[1] I explore the prospects for corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a partial solution to the environmental sustainability challenge. Many large corporations affect the environment through their operational activities and their choices about product design. 718 more words

Corporate Governance

Playing to Our Strengths

Adapted from a speech given by UPS Chief Executive Officer David Abney on October 20, 2015 in Houston at the Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service. 879 more words


The Business of ‘Business Ethics’ and the Ethics of Business

What is business ethics? An oxymoron? An academic field? Just good business sense? These were exactly the questions posed by Professor Laura Spence at her inaugural lecture on November 24th. 436 more words

Corporate Social Responsibility

Why Investors Should Think Beyond Returns On Investments

For many of us, December means reconciling our year-end charitable donations. This year, instead of just writing checks to non-profits, consider putting some of your investment money into a “social business” or social impact fund, a fund that holds shares in businesses that deliver financial returns and social good. 714 more words


Doing well. Doing Good. How adi Group do it.

Great to be working with adi Group who showcase success stories which demonstrate over £600,000 as a return on investment since last year’s conference. Ninety innovative, focused and energetic leaders of adi Group report back on their 100 Continuous Improvement initiatives which help this successful Midlands company to continue to grow and thrive. 70 more words

Gone Forever: Discovery’s Racing Extinction Looks to Reverse the Trend

We’re in the middle of a sixth mass extinction, and we’re currently losing animal species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the typical rate.

Animal species all across the globe are on the brink or already gone—and whether a majestic lion or a tiny snail, every single one matters. 119 more words


Online Media is vital for effective CSR communications

Digital disruption is today’s reality. Internet has exploded as a primary distribution point content creating new opportunities to engage people in topics they really care about. 2,710 more words