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Creating Sustainable Value: Innovative Global Business Practices to Meet “Triple Bottom Line”

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With core integrated vision of economic growth, social development and environmental protection, sustainability is rapidly becoming a mainstream business issue today. Ignoring environmental footprints may increase financial risks for organizations in the long run. 1,325 more words

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Public relations and business and industry, Chp. 15

Buzz words in public relations like corporate social responsibility really hold sway in this line of public relations. When people talk about CSR, it can range from volunteerism to outright donations, but it is more focused on businesses “being good neighbors.” So take a few minutes and find some examples of corporate social responsibility in the brands you love best. 103 more words

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October 2017 Hansen’s Quarterly Charity Draw

Congratulations to Keith Congdon, Halifax based Auto handler, who won the random Charity Lottery this quarter!

As our company grows, it becomes increasingly important to give back to our communities. 114 more words

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The best a man can get… but is it?

I have been shaving for more than 20 years and like most men I have religiously bought new razors and blades as they came out. Why wouldn’t I when each new model offered a smoother shave. 886 more words


“Who are you wearing?” (Hilton. P, 2017)

Just over 3 years ago, my 18-year-old self, boarded a one-way Aer Lingus flight to London. As I sat in my overpriced seat I was confident, more confident than I had ever felt in my entire life. 692 more words

Week 10 // Corporate Public Relations, Internal Communication and Social Responsibility

Let’s kick off our next post with Week 10, where we delve more heavily into Corporate Public Relations (PR) as well as open the book on Internal Communication and Social Responsibility. 553 more words

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Balancing Profit and People: Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Education

Together several events and circumstances motivated us to research sustainability education in business schools.

  1. My co-author, Jill, and I have PhDs in Education and Human Resource Development, with an emphasis in adult education.
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