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Should Corporations be Socially Responsible?

The debate over whether corporations should pay attention to issues outside of profit maximization and increasing shareholder value has been around for decades. Indeed, your faithful correspondent recalls taking a course on business social responsibility in 1977, as part of his undergraduate degree in economics. 1,157 more words

SIGN UP FOR Ground breaking conference: Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Sustainability

20th November 2015 Darlington

Conference: partnership role for public & private sector; equality, inclusion & employment for all

Look out for details – ground breaking conference hosted in… 276 more words


3 ways to make employee loyalty a bigger part of your corporate culture

It’s been repeated many times in HCM¬†circles that one of the keys to human capital management is being able to build a strong, vibrant company culture. 510 more words

Employee Engagement

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) attributes to a company’s impact on social and economic well being of either a global or community standing. It is very important that a company establishes a character of how they will act when it comes to giving back. 249 more words

Too Strong Coffee? Concentration at the Top and Anti-Trust Concerns

The coffee supply chain is famously shaped like an hourglass (or, if you will, a drip coffee machine): the broad demand at the top is connected to the millions of small producers at the bottom by a handful of powerful roasters. 681 more words


Class-wash, capital and social mobility: critiquing corporate investment in widening participation

Another critical look at widening participation. This time I look at how the big corporates are involved and how the social mobility initiatives they support serve to legitimize their own interests whilst neutralising a political language of class. 1,655 more words

Social Class

The Business view on Ireland's forthcoming National Action Plan on business and human rights

In advance of this week’s Irish Congress of Trade Unions Summer School¬†“Tackling Corporate Power in the Global Economy”, I have been reviewing submissions made to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as it prepares a national implementation plan for the United Nations Guiding Principles on business and human rights. 1,197 more words