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Great marketing starts with great stories—Creating videos

Go step by step to make a compelling corporate video.

A video that has a purpose

The aim of creating an aerial video involves the promotion of a product and service. 265 more words

Photography Service

Corporate Video Evaluation

Throughout this project I worked with Ozz, Ben and Dan.

Before I start on my evaluation it is important to say exactly what we were aiming for. 735 more words

Corporate Video

Personal Performance Evaluation

Throughout the entire project I worked with three other members, Dan, Ozz and Ben.

During our time with Laura I would say that we were quite professional as a group. 529 more words

Corporate Video

Making it (Pre-production & Production)

We have been fortunate enough to be able to secure our favourable client, Laura Wall. Now we are at a stage now where we need to start pre-production and planning for filming. 1,720 more words

Corporate Video

Finding, Understanding And Approaching A Client

-Research – Video Analysis

Before I can begin approaching clients about creating them a corporate video, it would be extremely useful to gain an understanding of how they should be as a finished product and look at the different styles of corporate videos by analysing some existing work. 3,556 more words

Corporate Video