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Wells Fargo Employees Contribute 12,000 Man-Hours for Volunteering Month...and more

Wells Fargo Employees Contribute 12,000 Man-Hours for Volunteering Month

Believing that small efforts can make a big difference, Wells Fargo Enterprise Global Services (EGS) successfully completed its fourth annual volunteering month in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai throughout September. 163 more words

Corporate Employees Join forces to Revitalize Terry Parker High School

According to many researchers, the physical condition of a school is a stronger predictor of academic achievement than many family background factors and socio-economic conditions. 254 more words


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3 Ways Volunteering For The Special Olympics Changed My Life

The Olympics have always had a special place in my heart. Going back to when I was a little kid, I would fill my house with VHS tapes that would record competitions on multiple television sets. 135 more words

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Hutchinson Meals on Wheels finally switching containers, making volunteering easier

The same heavy, insulated meal trays Hutchinson Meals on Wheels has been using since 1973 are finally being switched out for new, recyclable meal trays starting next month. 136 more words

FIVE Reasons Why Your Employees Should Volunteer!

by Alison Cundiff
Corporate Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Reports and analysis support what the common sense of good managers have known for years: an engaged workforce is essential to a company’s… 436 more words


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Should the Government Mandate Corporate Volunteering?

You may not have heard, but there’s a controversy brewing across the pond, as the re-elected Conservative UK government has mandated that all companies must provide at least 3 days of paid time off (PTO) to their employees to volunteer. 82 more words

Barclays' Team Challenge

When a small garden signs up to host corporate volunteers, it’s a skills lottery.  Someone who looks after huge amounts of money cannot necessarily distinguish a dandelion from a dahlia or knock in a nail.   155 more words