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Corporate Welfare Is Wrong

I support tax cuts for all businesses, not just the favored few.

Cabarrus County Government should not pick winners and losers with corporate welfare.


The Poor Should Work Harder, But Billionaires Deserve A Break

When will we stop blaming the poor and lauding the rich? The top of the socioeconomic ladder takes far more in welfare from the government than those at the bottom. 10 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane

Transit tax op-ed in the Detroit News

My latest Detroit News op-ed takes on the “we must have public mass transit if we’re going to compete for companies like Amazon” argument. If giant tech companies think their employees need help getting around metro Detroit, they can run their own shuttle services like they do in Silicon Valley rather than asking the region’s taxpayers to foot the bill.

ANTITRUST, High Time for a Revival - Robert Reich.

THE MONOPOLIZATION OF AMERICA: The Biggest Economic Problem You’re Hearing Almost Nothing About.

Not long ago I visited some farmers in Missouri whose profits are disappearing. 1,295 more words

Corporate Welfare

FOX Bleeds Crocodile Tears over Impact of Homelessness on Billionaires

By Cat Jones

This morning, I came across this headline and photo, courtesy of FOX News, and it stopped me in my tracks.

Look at that photograph.  1,805 more words


Taxpayers Handing Billions to Corporations?

We give welfare to corporations with seeming glee and abandon, but that’s only when the Public actually knows about it. Most companies and governments go to lengths to hide the deals they make for “economic development” from public information requests. 50 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane