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…At Happy Hour

When thinking about where to start sharing unsolicited advice, it seemed to me that happy hours are the perfect place to start. If you’re a recent college grad and the words “happy hour” make you think of kegs, take a seat and read on. 219 more words


Review: Bloodline Season 2 Episode 4 "Part 17"

Bookended by two perfectly directed sequences that emphasise the shows ability to create tension out of its complex relationships, Bloodline is certainly not predictable as the drama escalates with the entry of a few new players as well as exquisite acting and cinematography, however, again the slower pace means a lot of the impact is diluted and the show’s portrayal of anti-heroism seems a little forced and on the nose, but with the ending’s big reveal, the show’s greater direction should be highlighted in the coming episodes. 8.5/10



i had to look this one up after all the talk on transgender bathrooms. lmao! gentrification is the antonym for there goes the neighborhood. this is the next step after redlining neighborhoods. 90 more words

SBI - The Lone Ranger..!

State Bank of India (SBI) declared its results today and much to the relief it did not slip into red like most of its Public Sector peers. 432 more words


Review: Bloodline Season 2 Episode 2 "Part 15"

While still unable to keep a solid pace, Bloodline does have a few moments of distinctively contrived material especially in regard to Kevin’s ‘business’ plan, yet the storyline doesn’t feel forced, an accumulation of the psyche of this character and the pressures towards him, which is something this show excels at, digging into the intentions and morals of each character and how far they are willing to go, as storylines begin to intertwine and the stakes heighten. 8.7/10


Review: Bloodline Season 2 Episode 1 "Part 14"

It does suffer from many of the same issues that plagued the first season such as unnecessary scenes and a tediously slow pace, but the overall tension and conflict that is created makes the effort worth it, as the characters are perfectly rattled by the fallout of season one, leading to a number of interesting reveals and a cliff-hanger ending, bolstered by strong acting and stunning cinematography. 7.9/10