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“I was too busy at work, I just dint get time to eat.” Is this not the story of the most hardworking and busy people? So just let me clear a few things – this is not a sign of some righteous, honorable act, it’s a classical sign that you’re neglecting yourself, choosing work over health and going into a fat storage mode. 329 more words

Eating Right

Why I Quit Casual Friday

I write this amidst a sea of middle-aged men in company-branded golf shirts, beer bellies blurring into pleated Dockers. The more clueless ones opt to complement the dri-fit polos (in an office!?!) with the very same pants that compose the bottom halves of their Monday-Thursday Jos. 752 more words



This past summer, I was super super lucky and actually got a summer internship to work in SEOUL, S KOREA!

I won’t mention the company, but it’s a pretty large company globally and in Korea. 194 more words

Wikimedia Foundation welcomes Kourosh Karimkhany as VP of Strategic Partnerships

A longtime media executive, Kourosh Karimkhany has worked with leading companies such as Yahoo and Conde Nast — where he spearheaded the acquisition of Wired.com, Ars Technica and Reddit. 461 more words


CSR: What you didn’t know about Section 135 and didn’t bother to find out!

This post is in response to a column by a media person and friend featured in First Post.

The reason, of course, is to dispel the myths and mythology that seems to be surrounding common knowledge and understanding of Section 135, of the Companies Act, 2013, which makes CSR ( or much criticized  as the 2 percent tax) which companies have to make as part of their reporting. 1,846 more words