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Corporate Surveillance in Everyday Life

June 2017 |Wolfie Christl | Cracked Labs

Report: How thousands of companies monitor, analyze, and influence the lives of billions. Who are the main players in today’s digital tracking? 213 more words


Academic freedom and the new corporate university

Academic freedom is under assault within the new corporate university.

No, the problem is not the much-publicized kerfuffle surrounding recent talks by Charles Murray and other right-wing speakers on U.S. 407 more words

Anti-Globalism: It's Time to Grow Local Economies by Giving Them the Tax Incentives, Not Corporations

If we want to save the American economy, we need to do it locally everywhere . No more hoping some corporation will move a plant or home office to our state; no more bribing the mega-rich conglomerates with tax cuts to create a few hundred jobs on our turf. 1,826 more words

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Will Bitcoin crash and resurrect?

NOT BITCOIN but better.

One use of Bitcoin is for anonymous transactions, i.e., as a substitute for ordinary cash or bank notes.

The problem is that the currently available bitcoins fluctuate in value. 674 more words


Cup of chemicals anybody? to all the lovers of Earl Grey tea - the REAL bergamot content is 'very small' & the rest is chemical & natural flavouring

For years I’ve enjoyed Earl Grey tea. In fact it was the first non-mainstream tea I ever took a liking to, and that’s going back forty odd years now. 741 more words


Medicaid Cuts

Did you all see the video of the people getting dragged from their wheelchairs and carried out by law enforcement officers for protesting proposed Medicaid cuts outside Sen. 447 more words