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The Next Step

Amazon is growing in leaps and bounds so it just makes sense that they start their own air delivery system both big and small. In order to control costs end-to-end processes are required and that is just what Amazon is doing. 346 more words


Viral Implosion - chapter nine

the dust settles

Retired General Kahler, now Secretary of Defense, and Mike Freeman were enjoying lunch at Fiola, swilling scotch and lounging afterward with Cuban cigars. 1,442 more words

Viral Implosion

Goodbye To WhatsApp!

Yes It’s Time To Ditch WhatsApp!

Following today’s announcement that WhatsApp plans to “..begin sharing more data with Facebook and will start letting some companies send messages to users.”, it’s high-time to look elsewhere and ditch WhatsApp for good. 237 more words


The only Eternal Is Advertising

Every day I wake up, how well I do it depends on the day. Sometimes it’s a slow process. The search for my consciousness can be as painful and frustrating as the quest for the last clean pair of socks in the house. 1,078 more words

ECB Secretly Hands Cash to Select Corporations

Don Quijones reports for Wolf Street:

In June, the ECB began buying the bonds of some of the most powerful companies in Europe as well as the European subsidiaries of foreign multinationals. 142 more words


A Comfortable Shirt

Are so many Americans furious just because the rich keep getting richer and the rest of us are getting poorer?  That seems an amorphous target for such visceral rage. 1,599 more words

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