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No Money Today!

I am going to set myself a challenge – to see if I can break the habit of spending!  What?! Well, I don’t spend much money usually, but I am in the habit of spending some – most days!   290 more words

A Letter To Disgruntled Cruz Supporters

It seems like none of the die hard Ted Cruz fans are able to move on from his inability to get nominated. I can hear you now, “Trump used his liberal friends to cheat and Kasich is that little rat-bastard who wouldn’t cooperate to defeat The Donald!” Well, unless your like Glenn Beck, who thinks that America is going to become a place of sin and wretched abominations where we only to send our children to hell and see God punish us for our disobedience; I have news for you about why he didn’t win, and you will not believe me. 543 more words

The corporative anti-system

Those who say they are against repression and suffering, some of them to the point of actively protest, and then you see them  wearing nike shoes and using their ipads… did they steal them?

The World Economy: Trouble Ahead

Economic conditions are not good and the signs are for more trouble.  The post-Great Recession recovery has been incredibly weak and it appears that it will soon come to an end.  628 more words


Corporate Beer Overlords Will Soon Own 1 Out of 3 Beers Made on Earth

Tom Philpott reports for Mother Jones:

Nothing says America like an ice-cold can of lavishly marketed, insipidly flavored beer. That’s the calculation of AB InBev, the Belgium-based conglomerate that owns Budweiser, the brand that once towered over the US beer landscape like a giant beer-can balloon at a fraternity tailgate party. 323 more words


"Sanders Campaigns Against The Democrats": The Question Is Whether Or Not He Cares

As the primaries come to a close, Bernie Sanders has upped the ante in his fight against the Democratic establishment, leading many Democrats to worry about party unity going into the general election. 935 more words

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