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The evolution of the Starbucks logo

For the last couple of days, I have been going through my bajillions (that’s a number, right?) of digital photos. I am working to update my personal travel and design blog here that I have neglected for years.  276 more words


Meet the new workers' movement that is terrifying the wealthy and the powerful

They aren’t actually anything new, just a variation on long-standing labor-organizing practices that have come back into prominence. “Micro union” is a recently coined term of art for bargaining units that encompass one category of workers at a business — the cosmetics workers at a Macy’s, for example — instead of the more traditional model of organizing all the workers for the business into one single bargaining unit.

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In The News

Anthem Starts Unfair Layoffs

Health insurance company Anthem announced today that it will begin layoffs soon and they will continue through the middle of the year. Richmond’s CBS 6 recently reported that some workers in Henrico, Virginia were already laid off today. 272 more words


Bottom Line

Always greet the customer with a smile.
A slave that knows his place is always kind.
Your pay is low, so low that you may die, 20 more words


But but unions

I don’t understand:

Looking at lobbying in the aggregate, what jumps out is the stark imbalance in resources. Corporations blow everyone else out of the water.

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Two weeks ago, Robert received this email from Amazon Prime (on-line mail-order shopping) asking if he’d be interested in applying for a software engineering job in a coastal community 163 miles to the south of us. 1,040 more words

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