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The Importance of Oregon's Measure 97

Approval of Measure 97 is critical for the well-being of most Oregonians; its passage could also encourage efforts in other states to reverse the slashing of public capacities in the name of tax relief for profit-rich large corporations. 1,298 more words


Everything that is wrong in today's corporations in one simple story

Once upon a time, there was a huge gathering of animals. Lion, as the king has a game changing proposal that will lead the animal world towards advancement. 486 more words


My wife and I recently started a 'Riverford Farms' veg box scheme. Here's why I think you should too...

Since moving back to the UK a few years ago I am increasingly becoming environmentally conscious and have been trying to reduce the size of the carbon footprint of my wife and I. 894 more words


Global business has begun transition to low-carbon world, but large numbers risk being left behind

  • New baseline-setting report for corporate climate action will track progress against Paris climate goals in future editions, and finds companies already gaining competitive advantage from reducing their emissions;
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Paris Agreement

Redefining Competitive Advantage

Each week, new waves of populist rhetoric pushing against globalization spew from each corner of the globe. Voters, angry with the inequitable distribution of wealth and prosperity wrought by globalized trade, rail against international trade agreements and large corporate interests in the Western world. 557 more words

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Documents Show AT&T Secretly Sells Customer Data to U.S. Law Enforcement

Nicky Woolf reports for The Guardian:

Telecommunications giant AT&T is selling access to customer data to local law enforcement in secret, new documents released on Monday reveal. 132 more words