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Book review: 'Bypassing Dystopia' could free Canada from the clutches of neoliberalism

The people in Canada who are intelligent, open-minded, and not ideologically conservative would probably number at least a million. But if only one in twenty of them – 50,000 — were to read Joyce Nelson’s latest book – Bypassing Dystopia: Hope-filled challenges to corporate rule — the outcome could be a grassroots uprising that would free Canada from the corrosive clutches of neoliberalism. 1,764 more words


Corporate law’s utopianism

Austin O’Brien is a J.D. Candidate (Class of 2019) at the Fordham University School of Law and a former student of mine at the University of Notre Dame. 1,550 more words

Invisible Theft

I had a thought. I’m not really sure which category I should place this post in, but as I don’t have an “Economics” category, I’m stuck putting it in my “Politics” category. 725 more words


A Shot of Anxiety

Everyone knows how it is…you need to focus…say, like maintaining your wits about you in a crowded conference room, hideously decorated in the most muted colors that looks like barf, biting your tongue while listening to choice bird droppings of business nonsense, hoping you can resist the urge to scream unacceptable obscenities about the room, like…”this sucks”. 774 more words


New Updates to the Website of Interest

This week, this website has received some updates which should be of interest to you, the person needing to learn advanced English.


Ants Kingdom Corporation

At the general meeting , the Ants queen , which is the CEO of the Ants kingdom corporation , are sitting at the top of big hill of sands , saying to the mass of Ants  , who are the employees of this kingdom corporation , ” our vision is to colonize the earth , you know our law of life ” existence and survival for the the strongest ones”  , we want our species to survive , 2,310 more words

Animal Life