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Five "Truths" You Cannot Disagree With

I love (well, love to hate) this meme… thought I should share my thoughts:

1) Don’t know why this one is mentioned. No one is trying to legislate anyone in or out of wealth or poverty, but when an hourly worker making 35K a year pays 18% in taxes, a middle class earner or small businessman pays 30% in taxes, while billionaires and multi-billion dollar corporations pay nothing or a single digit percentage at best, it can hardly be considered a fair tax burden. 394 more words

Current Issues

Executive Orders Under Cover of Fire

With all the media attention being paid to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress today, now is a perfect time for an American president to launch some pet policy that would not fare scrutiny well. 580 more words


Thinking Aloud: "Sanctions as a Foreign Policy Tool: Helpful or Harmful?"

Mar. 2, 2015 by Darius

Last week, I attended a debate on “Sanctions as a Foreign Policy Tool: Helpful or Harmful?”  Arguing the case for sanctions was David Kramer of the McCain Institute for International Leadership (yes, that McCain); arguing against the use of sanctions was Bill Reinsch of the National Foreign Trade Council.  666 more words

Thinking Aloud

Uncle-Daddy exposes the Haters (Pt Something)

We are being kept in a state of anxiety to try and stop us from seeing through the bull-dust that allows the elite to keep us killing each other and robbing us blind through their systems of financial control. 671 more words

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Written, never read.

Spoken, never heard.

Old, but still relevant, especially today.

They told me “driving is a privilege”
Shit, as if –
Taking away my mobility is a right… 232 more words


Mosquitoes! - Not What You Think They Are

Those tiny little, thin things. Those small, buzzing, flying pricks. Did you know…..that very faint, high-pitched buzzing noise you hear coming from them isn’t actually the sound of their wings flapping away furiously, nor is it the sound of their legs stridulating. 89 more words