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This Is The End; Junk Politics, Psychopath Nation & The Fall of Civilization

May 05 2016 By Sean Stewart

There is an ever increasing gap in the US. 

 A gap between what we say we stand for, and how we actually live our lives. 2,533 more words


Are There Any Risks With GM Crops Not Found With Conventional Crops?

One of the best strategies used by scientific skeptics against anti-GMO activists on the Internet is to ask them to cite one risk that exists with genetically modified crops, but does not occur with any conventional breeding method. 1,220 more words

Biotechnology Fear Mongering

Leaked TTIP Papers Show Dawn Of A New Authoritarian Epoch

Source: TheDailyBell.com
May 4, 2016

Leaked papers show ‘unsurprising’ TTIP disagreements: Dutch trade minister BusinessEurope May 2, 2016    The lack of agreement between the US and Europe on a controversial trade agreement is unsurprising, Dutch trade minister Lilian Ploumen said on Monday.

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هل حقًا تحمون أرواح الأمريكيين؟       Protecting American lives...?

قتل 2996  شخص في الهجمات الإرهابية التي حدثت يوم 11 سبتمبر 2001، وهذا كان الدافع وراء الحرب على الإرهاب ظاهريًا للتأكد من أن أرواح الأمريكيين ستكون في آمان.

Corporate Power

Much Fun With Finance Institutions

A Libertarian view of the world is that government interferes with life too much. Also, that government regulation costs businesses so much money to remain legal that the business can’t make any money. 647 more words


Money Up, Trust Down: Corporations' Role in Journalism

The field of journalism continues to grow and grow and morph and adapt to the fast-paced, knowledge-hungry present. Years ago, most newspapers were very localized, often owned by families or other community members. 519 more words